Benjamin Brelain

Benjamin Brelain


Fluid, melodic and beautiful contemporary music for the reflective listener. Set to mystical or visionary poetry (Rumi, Tennyson, the Romantic poets, Herman Hesse etc) ...conveyed by a male voice which is delicate and ethereal. Balm for the ear... inspiration for the heart.

‘…lustrous vocals. I was mesmerized… a perfect example of the well-crafted song...’
BBC Introducing on the single, ’We Sit Down’.


Brelain is an English singer/songwriter based in the West Country, England. He writes and performs a moving selection of original material, with lyrical influences ranging from the ancient Latin poets to the English Romantics. The result is music which is fluid, melodic, beautiful and strangely beautiful. His recorded works (fully arranged with an array of instruments from around the world) are innovative and dynamic; his live performances (often one man and a guitar) informative and moving...

‘…very close, very intimate…no frills…timeless.’
BBC Introducing on the single, ’Take Him, Earth’.


Discography (EPs):

Up From The Underworld (2009); Anamnesis (2009); This Worlds Delight (2010); The Tawny Sands (2010); A Vision (2011); The Threshold of the New (2012); Grey Spirit (2012)

international radio broadcasts in over 50 stations in recent few months.