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Benjamin Del Shreve

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The best kept secret in music


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"Enjoy Me While I'm Here"- 2002 (independent)
"Be Poetry" -2004 (independent)

currently recording first national release. It will be released on Ninth Hour Records in the Spring of 2005.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Never let it be said that my life was more amazing because of the God that I believed in…let it be known. Let it also be known that I believe that the big idea behind this thing called life is to fit as much living into a lifetime as possible, and I don’t believe a person does that on accident.

A Brief History of the Music

Greetings my name is Benjamin Del Shreve. I am a singer/songwriter and am that to a fault. During the Autumn of 2002 I and my band “GS Megaphone” where going into the studio to record our sophomore record as a signed band. We had just moved to Bloomington Indiana where we also were recording. We were all Christians and played hard rock. I was the lead vocalist and bass player, but I also did a lot of the writing and a little bit of the guitar work that ended up on the final recording. We were loving the music that we were making. It had a lot of weight to it from a lyrical perspective but it also managed to be somewhat unique musically as well. We enjoyed the fact that this record was quite a bit heavier than the record that we’d released prior to this one. It had more screams and feedback and barbaric drumming that only made the use of the sitar that much cooler to us. Interestingly enough it was at the same time in life that I was writing the quietest most peaceful music that I’d ever written. On spare days and weekends throughout the fall and winter my brother Randy and I would meet in his apartment and hang blankets and mattresses on the walls in his bathroom to help deaden the sound. He had some ProTools recording gear and a Behringer B1 Microphone. Then during the quiet spells of Randy’s children and the guiny pigs; we would make music.
I became a musician sometime around 1995 when I jokingly volunteered to play the bass guitar for a band that my older brother Randy was starting. I prayed that if God wanted me to play music that he would teach me how, and if not, to let me get bored with it, but that either way I would give it to him before I had it at all. About a year later I was finishing high school in the back of a Silver Eagle tour bus playing around 150 shows a year. Over the next couple of years while band members kept quitting for this reason and that (marriage) my brother and I kept writing, until finally the lead vocal position for the band was open. I described to God the kind of voice that I would like to have if it were his will, and true to form gave it to him before I’d even had it. It apparently was his will and in early 1999 we recorded in Ardent studios in Memphis with one Skidd Mills a record that became known as “Out of My Mind”. This record can now be ignored worldwide anywhere Christian music is sold. We ended up naming the band “God Size Megaphone”. It was in the coming months that we were in Michigan and happened upon Daniel Rosas. We knew him from previous visits as “The Nicest Guy in the World”, but learned this time that he was also one of its most skilled. We auditioned him in a Hotel room in Indiana the next winter and then we all went together to Ray Boltz’s “Off Center Studio”. And signed a record contract to “Spindust Records”. They proved to be the perfect label for us in a thousand ways, and also to be wonderful friends. We called a friend of Daniels named Chris Freeman “Also from Michigan” and auditioned him in Arkansas. We knew from some previous phone calls and emails that Chris was freaking hilarious! Actually he was a hilarious mess! But once we saw him play guitar…We kidnapped him and I’m glad we did it! Randy, Daniel, and Chris are some of the finest and most talented men that I have ever met. They were the talent in this band and I was the friend that they let come on stage during concerts. But I am proud to have shared the stage with the likes of these men.

We moved from Arkansas to Bloomington Indiana on the first day of Autumn 2002. We started recording our sophomore album with Rich Morpurgoe as soon as we got settled in. The record was more of a group effort than our first. Dan and Chris were such good guitarist that it seemed moronical not to let them loose. Chris also had gotten into the sitar and we wanted to utilize that also. The music was a little heavier, and darker that our first. It had more depth, Emotion, Screaming, and feedback. We loved it.
The Ironic thing is that while I would record all of this hard rock during the day, at night and on the weekends my brother Randy and I would meet in his little apartment recording folk music. I had written a song called “Here with You Now” for my moms wedding in December of 2001. And at first I just wanted to record this song to give to her and the rest of the family for Christmas.
One day Chris asked me if I’d written any other songs like “Here with You Now”. It turned out that I’d been writing folk music for years and just didn’t know what to do with it. It was too chill for GSM, so I