Benjamin Kaine & The Sway

Benjamin Kaine & The Sway

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Rap/Hip Hop Meets R&B with Mowtown Overtones


Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Benjamin Kaine Ellis, 20 is the artist that has locals questioning, is he really from the savage city? At the age of 13 he created his first independent record label, Savage City Entertainment, LLC. At the age of 15 Kaine got a full time job as a dishwasher earning between six and seven hundred dollars every two weeks which he invested in himself, and his company.

Kaine has a talent that can't be captured in a sentence. Just when you think you’ve figured out his style, he'll leave your jaw on the floor with something orginial and unexpected. Though his image may suggest the sterotypical Rap/HipHop artist, you shouldn't judge this book by its cover! Kaine's diversity will leave you awestruck and begging for more and rest assured some of it will shock you. Kaine's career started with wild club and hood music. But Kaines orignality started to bust through and with age and wisdom and a sense to be true to himself he started to develop into the hurricane he is today.

Not known distinctively as a local artist in his city, Kaine took the Internet by storm in 2006 growning a worldwide fan base that reaches from the far east to where the sun sets. Over the span of his young career Kaines fan base continues to grown exponentially with every passing hour.

As an unsigned artist Kaine has endeavoured to sell a half million records online and physically under his own label. Every show he plays has a line around the block (See Gallery). With some of his dreams realized Kaine is looing to a future that leaves him more time to focus on his art and in turn put Kaine in the position to look for the perfect record label that can take his music to the heights that only can be acheived by having the right team in place behind him.

This is the logical next step to aspire to the heights of superstardom!

Additional information:

Benjamin Kaine's original stage name was "Soulja Da Menace" but with new manament and the wish to be true to himself "Soulja" was not the name that complimented his true emotions. Setting himself apart from rappers who use a sound system and a DJ, Kaine now rellies on a full band (The Sway) made up of Cornish and Berklee trained musicians which has placed the Crown Jewel in the Crown.


Who Dat Boy Iz (2008)
Unleashing the Beast (2008)
Released & Reloaded (2009)
Brothers of Destruction (2009)
6 Zeros (2010)

Benjamin Kaine & The Sway (Top Hats & Tux Tales)- January 2014

Set List

Welcome to the Jungle
Cadillac Dreams
Shaking Chandelier
Party Like an Animal
Give Em Hell
Outside the bar
Highway to Hell
CHoose You
Pink Ocean