Benjamin May

Benjamin May


Ben has a sound that will move you and lyrics that command you to listen. There is a simplicity about his songs that you will remember. He stands out when he is playing with a full band or when he is playing solo. His music is Experience based and one that most will identify with.


Ben started playing guitar when he was 11 years old. His dad gave him a guitar. Ben was not to be seen without his guitar. His Father sold his guitar after learning that Ben's grades were suffereing due to his guitar practicing. The next guitar ben owned, was the one he stole from school.

Honing his craft over the next few years, Ben started singing and playing guitar with different groups throughout highschool. Ben Moved to Winnipeg in 1997 to go to University.

Early 2000 Ben met up with a drummer. They started a cover band, and started playing in bars around town. In the summer of 2001, the group split up, and Ben started doing solo work. He played the coffee house circuit, for the following year and a half.

Wanting to get away from playing cover songs and work on his own, He stopped playing venues that required 'Top 40's' music, and started writing his own songs. These songs were songs that moved him, and brought him back to events in his life that were important to him. So He took a hiadous, to write songs.

After Ben moved to Vancouver in 2005, he decided it was time to record an album. He is in the process of recording, and is taking his time on it.

Keep an eye open for the release date. In the mean time, Ben hopes to see you at his show's.

Ben is looking forward to touring around the globe as soon as possible.

Set List


I don’t wanna be
I’m Sorry
Night in Bombay
Haven’t we been there
Pig in Shit
I Want to feel


Don't Drink The Water - (Dave Matthews Band)
Glory Bound - (Martin Sexton)
Round Here - (Counting Crows)
Friend of the Devil - (Grateful Dead)
(and many more)