Benjamin Rader

Benjamin Rader


Up music for down people.


Benjamin Rader is a songwriter/producer, born, raised, and yes, still residing in Portland, Oregon. Rader’s music has been best described as “up music for down people.” Esoteric for everyone, his lyrics draws lines between the mournful and humorous, outlandish and the oh-so-relatable. A storyteller at heart, Rader is at his best when left to self-destruct, recover, then rediscover the same old town throught the same old people. Under the guise of fiction, Rader is able to explore relationships from an unattached yet achingly familiar perspective. A poetic con of sorts. After letting go of a four year “should have been” epic project entitled As We Orbit, Rader embarked on a solo acoustic EP entitled “Plum Tree.” A departure for Benjamin whose roots are in electronic music and dreamy guitar pop/rock a la Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure and U2. The recording process turned out the be a catharsis. With eyes-on-the-road determination, Rader held himself up in his studio for six months emerging with EP in hand and twenty fewer pounds. Rader is currently working on a self produced, full length record overseen by Portland’s elite studio geeks. Incorporating cello, female vocals, light percussion, and even more self-deprecation! It should be on the shelves by Autumn 2007. Benjamin's EP is available at Second Avenue Records (400 SW 2ND Ave Portland, OR 97204-3404), Everyday Music (both Burnside and Sandy locations), Music Millenium (both Laurelhurst and 23rd locations) and at CDBaby


Moving to New York

Written By: Benjamin Rader

Moving To New York (B. Rader)

On my west

Hit up New Orleans

Five evil entities

Caught a ride back with me

Near Oregon, they seduced me, introduced me

To the drug scene


They gave me one and

I bought a dozen

He said:

"Hey man you need more?"

"Hell yeah brother keep 'em coming."

Now the Feds are eyeing me

Agents in my tree

And I think my roommate might be

An extension of my psyche

That means

I'm paying rent for two rooms

One for a ghost

One to house my doom

But I'm packing up 'cause

I can't take this

I'm moving to New York

Where my roommate can get famous

When we arrived in the Great State of Washington

My evil new friends

Became a nuisance

They kept me up with

All there jabbering

Looks like I'm battling

My new sin

Repeat Chorus

At night I trip out

From too much thinking

They keep on talking

The floors are creaking

I stay up all night

No way I'm sleeping

Keep on coughing

Think my lungs are bleeding

Plum Tree

Written By: Benjamin Rader

Plum Tree (B. Rader)

Beg to pay for phone calls

And say nothing at all

What's to say Sweet Baby Sun Ray

But 'I miss you crazy'

And we keep on aging

What's it that keeps you staying


Knew I should've sold our stock

Months ago

Bought a yard and a Plum Tree

At the end of a winding road

Where no one else would go

We'd watch our Plum Tree grow

But some woman read your palms

Said I wasn't worth it

Your cards said: I bring harm

But that you truly deserve it

Yeah that's what you get

For being so damn


I know that there's reason in

In our divide

So lets stay close

Even though we're

Not side by side

No not this time

This world would not be so kind

Lonely Types (Maternal Line)

Written By: Benjamin Rader

Lonely Types (B.Rader)

Wrote a letter in the welfare line

Said you had a child but the child wasn't mine

That you met a man while I was stranded in Vietnam

And that you had to ask for one last helping hand

So I built you a house with these two hands

The same hands that handed you

The keys to the car that you drove

Too fast

Too far

I told you it rains up here

In Oregon

You said you came

From a long line of psychic like

Metaphysical, miserable

Lonely types

And that's why

You can't handle ordinary life

That's why

This is your rip tide

This is your icy road

On a real dark night

Do not resuscitate

No need for C.P.R.

You're off to constellate

With your favorite group of stars

Now it's up to me

My notes will mold your legacy

I'll blur the past

Say our love lasted

And there was only me

And that you loved your kids

And wanted the best for them

That they came

From a long line of psychic like

Metaphysical, miserable

Lonely types

And that's why

They can't handle ordinary life

(Maternal line)


Plum Tree- 2006

Set List

Plum Tree
Moving to New York
Lonley Types
Made for Jumpin'
Come Undone
California Dreamin'--The Mamas and the Papas
Twilight-- Elliot Smith