A cross of alternative and progressive rock mixed with elements of funk, jazz and gospel. Tenth Hour Calling strives towards music excellence all the while writing powerful, moving & epic songs. Tenth Hour Calling is truly an original sound.


Mission Statement:

Our desire is to bring God's love to everyone we encounter with a spirit of excellence, humility, and service. Our goal is to be unified in Christ as we communicate the message God has placed on our hearts. Above all we want to live the life that is truly life.

Band Bio:

Tenth Hour Calling consists of Spencer Hansen, Luke Oswald, Mike Radliff, and Ben Shafer. Several of the band members hold degrees in music from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and because of this commitment to music they offer a refreshing and exciting musical experience to listeners. This is not a band compiled on a whim, but a band put together with great care and thought towards the spiritual and musical aspect of performing.

Tenth Hour Calling exhibits their musical expertise by including aspects of Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Country, Blues, and Folk. Providing tasty, musical performances as well as entertaining, wholesome shows is a main priority for the band. Tenth Hour Calling seeks to satisfy the musical demands of all ages with their unique blend of mainstream and original music solidified by their technical prowess.


Debut Album:
Tenth Hour Calling (Self Titled) 2004

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Set List

2.Creeping Monster
3. If You Could Only See (Cover Song)
4. Color Me
5. More Love (Worship Song)
6. Song Of Surrender (Christian Cover Song)
7. Forget
8. Signed Sealed Delivered (Cover Song)
9. Sundial
10. All Of Yours
11. By Now
12. Waiting
13. Here I Am
14. Ancient Butterfly
15. Put Your Feet On The Water

Normally our shows are 75 to 90 minutes in length but we do have the capacity to play shows over two hours.