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Dirty Girl

Written By: Benjamin C. Vaughn- c. 2005 all rights reserved

Dirty Girl

Hello my name is Dunavan
First name of Phil
I know just what you must be wonderin’
What the hell is my deal?

Well, I’ll tell you what I like
Most in the world
It’s when you whisper in my ear
(that you’re a)Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl- walkin’ around
Walkin’ around like such a Dirty Girl
Dirty Girl- checkin me out
Checkin’ me out like such a Dirty Girl

Verse 2
Hey Dirty Girl
You know how to tease
You must be a genius
Cause you make it look easy

When you shake your hips
And do your little dance
I know what you must be thinkin’
And it ain’t romance (cause you’re a)

Dirty Girl- spending my time
Spending my time like a Dirty Girl
Dirty Girl- gettin’ it on
We’re gettin’ it on like such a Dirty Girl

Verse 3
Well please don’t tell me your real name
Cause I won’t tell you mine
Let’s skip the winein’ & dinin’ & go
Straight to sixty-nine

Cause tonight’s the night
It’s now or never
We’re gonna go home
And take a shower together (cause you’re a)

Dirty Girl- droppin’ the soap
Droppin’ the soap just like a dirty girl
Dirty Girl- gettin’ all wet
Gettin’ all wet just like a Dirty Girl (let’s get it on…)

(Instrumental Break)
…Oh yeah, Dirty Girl - that’s right … Let’s get a little dirtier… let’s go…
…oh that’s right… here we go! Woo!!

Verse 4
Well early next morning
Much to my surprise
She gathered all of her clothing
And then just vaporized

You know my friends don’t believe me
They think it’s all in my head
Until I showed them the homepage
On the world wide web! (it’s all about)

Dirty Girls – gettin’ it on
Gettin’ it on with lots of dirty girls
Dirty Girl – gettin’ all freaky
gettin’ freaky on my deaky like a dirty girl
(Let’s go now…!)

Instrumental Fade out
(Dirty Girl, you’re such a dirty girl…) etc. etc.