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BenJammin Educational Music

 Vicksburg, Michigan, USA
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Jammin with BenJammin and Analisa Gauthier gives kids a chance to move, play and sing along with Educational Music. With songs like "The Safety Belt Song", "Keep in Shape" and "Dream, Love, Live", your kids will learn about health, safety, respect and science—all while having so much fun they won't even realize they are learning!!


Benjamin Gauthier graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelors in integrated arts. He studied vocal performance and was a vocalist with such groups as Gold Company II, University Choral and Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity. He continues to study singing, guitar, percussion and piano. His goal is to write songs that can help people understand core subjects as well as safety, health, hygiene and conflict resolution. BenJammin and Analisa continues to write songs to enhance science, math, reading/writing, history, geometry, and geography.

Analisa Gauthier studied music through college but didn't really find her inner performer until she started playing with BenJammin. Her powerful voice and percussion add a diving forced to performance. In addition, is also adds guitar, ukulele and violin to make every song a different style of music.

Together, they are BenJammin Educational Music and continue writing and performing for children across the nation. This is a completely interactive experience for the audience who are invited to come up and play and sing along on stage! This is one show that children will walk away from having learned something that they can apply in their lives for years to come.


Rollin' With The RIch

Written By: BenJammin & Analisa Gauthier

Rollin' With The Rich
by BenJammin Gauthier copyright 2011

Saving money keeping cash.
Spending less on useless trash.
You can save just 10 percent
of what you've earned and have not spent.
Saving money keeping cash.
Spending less on useless trash.
Put some money in the bank
and you will be the one you thank.

First decide what you like
to travel the world, to have a bike,
a horse, a plane, a baseball glove,
a rocket ship to fly above.
Buy a go cart for you home
with a dog and his doggy bone,
a basketball that always scores,
a robot that can do your chores.
Go to college, get your degree
at the best university,
Nintendo Wii, all things you crave
are things you get if you can save.


Now, earn some money, help your mom,
babysit, or mow the lawn.
Deliver papers, collect cans,
own your own lemonade stand.
Walk the dog, do your chores,
save that money more and more.
Bake sales, cookies, pies, and cakes,
cleaning leaves up with a rake.
Help with groceries, keep things clean,
work with friends and be a team.
Join the money saving niche
and you'll be rollin' with the rich.

Refrain x 2


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