Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins


In sixteen words, four commas, a semicolon and a fullstop; jazz, blues, indie rock and folk.


I am a 21 year old piano player and singer living between Coffs Harbour and Grafton, currently playing with "How To Lunch" with guitarist/bassist Mikel Johnson; Saxophonist/anything horn related Mark Murray; and Drummer/Mr. Percussion James Dempsey.
We're all based in Coffs Harbour/Grafton area but love to travel!! Mainly playing classic jazz (and blues) tunes served however you like... resorts, pubs, restaurants, cruise ships?... BUT we are custom built for every gig so we can take the schmoltz to 11 or we can rock the casbah at your late night after party!!
We have a rough demo for the interested and are working on our first polished recordings.



Written By: Ben Jenkins

Verse 1:
Please don't be afraid,
I'll hold your hand and touch that part of you that you've held locked in a cage.

Verse 2:
We were destiny arranged,
So let me steal your heart away from the silence of misery and rage.

Tell me what's the point of all this confusion when we're all the same?
The only difference between you and me is our name.

Verse 3:
Look at me my heart is aflame,
Its too late for us to start again in the middle of all this shame.
Still we remain unchanged,
Because until now I've held your cold, hard looks and words away from my mind - time and again.

(So tell me what's the point in...)


(Scat .... )

repeat VERSE 1



For You

Written By: Ben Jenkins

Verse 1:
For You I will be more than an afternoon daydream,
For You I will last longer than soon be over,
For You I'll give you summer in June,
For You I'm gonna be there for good.

Let me be the one who you can hold on to,
Let me see the sun, 'cause I want you to,
For the day will come when I'll come over ,
And I will not leave you anymore 'cause I will have come home.

Verse 2:
For You I'll give you more than I've had to lose lately,
For You I'll give you more than the moon is waning,
For You, well I am consumed baby,
For You, I'm gonna be around for good.




For You, I'm gonna be there for good.

No Shame

Written By: Ben Jenkins


Verse 1:
Another lost lover,
And a whole world of people left crying on his shoulder,
And as the world gets colder,
He'll find less time lookig for that four leaf clover.

Bridge 1:
We need to find our way to restitution,
We need to fill the piece we've stolen from,
This could be the start of a revolution,
This war of ways is where our souls went wrong.

And let's not leave it too long...

Let's look right now at the people we could save,
And expore right now all the roads that have not been paved,
Let's give right now to the people in need of aid,
Let's seek right now a world that has no shame!

Verse 2:
The lover grew older,
And found he'd lost all ability to trust another,
And as his heart grew colder he found,
He lost more and more hope that he would ever again see a summer.

Bridge 2:
We need to start to learn to trust each other,
Before we start to distrust oursleves,
Where will we turn when we lose our love for our mothers?
It's time to take ourselves from the shelf.

To trust another you must trust yourself!


Verse 3:
The same lost lover found a poor, man with nothing left crying on his shoulder,
And he gave him cover,
Put his arm around him said it's okay to need each other.

Bridge 3:
He showed me how to find restitution,
he helped me fill the piece we'd stolen from,
This could be the start of a revolution,
These fearful days are where we must be strong.

But let's not leave it too long...




Nothing yet. Here's hoping.

Set List

Love to play:
(From the Jazz world)
Mingus, Billie, Monk, Coltrane, Rollins, Miles, Ellington and the list goes on...
(From the funky as hell world...)
Ray, Stevie, Bomba, the Brand New Heavies, Marvin, Jimi, Betty Davis, Jimiroquai, Hypnotoast...
(Of the more modern stuff...)
Incubus, Wolfmother (revised), Matchbox 20 (Ultra Revised), John Mayer, Ben Harper and so on and so forth....