I do classical gospel music.i perform in churches and with my band at every sunday.i compose and and sing as well and currently i am at studio working on my new album which is going to be out soon. I don't play any musical instruments apart from the singing.


I started my music carrer in 1997 and i have 2 albums to my credit and the third one is now at the demonstration level which is going to come out very soon.The reasons why i have not been able to record many albums is due to financial circumstances facing we musicians from the devoloping countries.because you may have the talent alrigth but to get financial support it sometimes very difficult one.I remember i struggle very hard before i was able to get financial support for my first albums in 1997.The second album was recorded by my own and due to financial problems i couldn't make the promotion effectively as it supposed to be.Even my third album it is the same story.I am doing it myself.


I have not release EP or LP,but i have some tarck which playing on the local radio station.

Set List

My songs are sometimes takes minimum 4m and mximum 5m