Benji Boko

Benji Boko

BandEDMHip Hop

I take old music like cartoons, french cafe music, blues, silent movies and remix it to rock the dancefloor. It doesnt matter if its Disney, Daft Punk or Delia Smith. . . Ill get it rocking on the dancefloor!


Q. Name & Occupation

A. Benji Boko. Music Producer, DJ & Beatboxer.

Q. Can you describe your style please?

A. Seeing as you asked so nicely! I sample and remix lots of old cartoons, movie soundtracks, Nintendo games, fairy tales, Disney and anything else that makes me sqirm with musical excitement. I take those records, add some fun, some foolishness and some funky rhythms and VOILA!

Q. You're French?

A. No. I just like the word Voila!

Q. How did you start?

A. I started making music millions and millions of years ago in the jungle. I used to battle whatever species wanted to challenge me. I beat Neanderthal G in a volcanic rock rhythm battle and Turntable-Rex in a one off pre-historic music freestyle. This was millions of years ago so you probably don’t remember!

Q. So where have you been all this time?

A. I’ve been frozen for millions of years. Only recently a team of explorers found me and I was de-frosted by scientists.

Q. So what now?

A. Well, its taken me a while to get back up to scratch with human life and I've managed to get my musical skills back. This record label, Wax On Records, run by Nightmares On Wax found me last year tapping on tree trunks and gave me a deal. I've now got an album coming out and a live show on the way.

Q. Album?

A. Yes. . . Album!

Q. Live Show?

A. Yes. . . Live Show!

Q. Can you elborate?

A. Why, of course!

The album is really cool. It's half upbeat fun remixes for the club and half down-tempo and funky hip-hop, featuring some of the best human talent around.

The live show is an explosive combination of live producing, remixing, beatboxing, silly voices and general monkey business.

Q. Where can we hear your stuff?

A. I have a single out called "The Jungle V.I.P” which reached number 16 in the iTunes Electronic UK charts. Its done really well in USA and loads of other countries also. Check out and on this myspace page here for some more musical melange and freebies.

Q. Is there anything else we should know?

A. My address is Tree 33, Stigwick Street, Marshland, Forest of The Purple Pear, MP3 IOU. I love fruit, especially purple rain pears and rolly dotted bananas. Lastly, my album and show will colour in your ears and make your eyes turn into strawberry jelly!

Q. Thanks!

A. No, thank you!


"The Jungle V.I.P" - reached position 16 in the iTunes UK Electronic charts. . . beat Mark Ronson & Moby!

Kudos has been played on radio everywhere from Retford to Russia.

My single remix for 'Guts' 'Take A Look Around' is the best selling off the EP in America, France, Italy, Germany and the UK.

Set List

I have 2 Shows:

DJ Show - I remix loads of music from Disney to Daft Punk, from RUN DMC to Rugrats and from Flashdance to The Fresh Prince. . . I do it all live with my turntables, samplers, laptops and my five fingered friends!

Live Show - I loop my beatboxing, remixing old tunes, adding sega game music, basslines, synths and so on. . . Its explosive. . . Its addictive. . . Its Monkey Madness!!