Benji Bruce The Charming Mentalist

Benji Bruce The Charming Mentalist

 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

I provide a unique mentalism show with a James Bond like style that is guaranteed to be compelling, engaging, and interactive. At the end, there is mind reading mixed with poetry for a unique show that will have people going WILD.


Benji Bruce is a Jewish entertainer that was born in Kitzigen, Germany. At the age of 10, he became interested in magic and quickly began performing for companies across the nation by the time he was 15.

Eventually, Benji realized what made him different than every other performer. It was his ability to charm. He would read minds with a Casanova and James Bond like style to create a very interesting show. Benji then began to use spoken word while doing mind reading at the same time to end his show which created huge reactions and got talked about for long periods of time.

In between shows, Benji is writing a book on the mindset of an entrepreneur. He also plays poker (people reading skills come in handy), chess, and basketball during his time off.

Benji sets himself apart through his smooth style of performance. He is young and provides a very unique show that gets people raving about what they experienced.


Mentalism on 98.9 Magic FM and 94.3 Kilo

Set List

Client list:
-Denver Nuggets
-Colorado State University
-Colorado College
-Colorado University
-Edward Jones
-Best Buy
-J&J Industries
-Fox 21
-Colorado Rockies
-Herman Group
-Global Import
-and many more