Ben Jones

Ben Jones


A sonic boom of pop perfection caressing and exciting your ear drums, with the power to make you move and to move you.


Ben Jones is an enigmatic multi instrumentalist based in the UK, schooled in the music of The Beatles, The Beach Boys and classic pop, writing, arranging, producing and performing every note that is commited to tape in his growing library of releases.

Ben released his first album in November of 2008, with his previous backing group, The Lovedays.

The acclaim afforded to his debut effort got Ben prestigious spots at Lounge on The Farm, the Kent music festival held annually,
and The International Pop Overthrow Festival, playing at both The Cavern Club in Liverpool and Kennys Castaways in New York City under the IPO banner.

This was followed up with 4 subsequent albums in as many years, playing a vast array of instruments on a string of dynamic, exciting songs.

Ben is a Kent boy, cutting his teeth on the UK circuit, taking influence from The Beatles,
The Beach Boys, Billy Childish, Roy Wood, Neil Young and Bob Dylan to name but a few.

What sets Ben apart is the sheer ambition of every new gig. Its not enough to move mountains once, you have to do it every time, and this is his aim. Every show must more dynamic than the last, to breathe new life into the songs with every note and to make each crowd feel that the music is a part of them and they are a part of the music.


The Lovedays LP - Released November 2008

Red Letter Day EP - Released March 2009

House of Cards LP - Released March 2010

Echobox LP - Released November 2010

Kaleidoscope LP - Released March 2011

We have streaming tracks from each of these at and on various radio stations in the UK and abroad, including BBC Radio Kent, Heart FM Spain.

Set List

Our typical set list duration is 1- 1and a half hours.

We can do multiple sets if needed to.

They are entirely made up of original songs

The songs making up the current set are a varied selection from The Lovedays, House of Cards, Echobox and Kaleidoscope LPS :

House of Cards
Don't Tell Me
Big Black Cloud
I Wish I Was The Person I'm Pretending To Be
No Reply
Look Up
The River Of Saturday Night
Devils Advocate
Not For The Faint Hearted
Skeleton Key
The Gypsys Daughter
When The Lights Went Out
Your Money Or Your Life
Red Letter Day
Your Favourite Trick
Sit Me Down Woman Blues