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Ben Kilcollins

Biddeford, Maine, United States | SELF

Biddeford, Maine, United States | SELF
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




""Everything is Pretty" Album Review"

This is one of those awesome times when has the privilege of sponsoring an up-and-coming artist. Today’s singer/songwriter is none other than Portland, Maine’s Ben Kilcollins.
I’m not an A&R guy for or anything, but I can objectively say that Ben’s stuff is pretty damn awesome. It’s real music, straight from the heart. Nothing composed by a team of corporate record label staff members in an office — this is just one guy, his apartment, some studio time, and maybe a few rounds of Mariokart set off by hard liquor. Case in point, if you like classic rock with an infusion of modern soulfulness, this is right up your alley.

The song above, “A Hard Day For Dreaming,” is off of Ben’s new album, “Everything is Pretty,” which I recommend you buy off his site for a nominal fee. You don’t have to take my word for it. You can also check out all his other songs from past albums and sample every single song first by going here:


The Official Ben Kilcollins Center of the Universe - Accept No Substitutions

Rock on, BK! - The Last King of Hollywood

""Everything is Pretty" Album Review"

Everything is Pretty is the most recent release from the very talented Ben Kilcollins. It's Acoustic/Adult Contemporary tunes solidify Ben's career as a master in his craft. All songs were written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ben.

Ben covers guitar, bass, keys and vocals on the album and is accompanied on drums by Shawn Boissonneault. There are seven tracks on the album and it can be purchased at, itunes, Bull Moose Music, and at any of Ben's many live performances.

My Baby Blue will have you bobbing your head, while its clever hook will have you humming along. Perhaps it will have you fondly remembering the one that got away.

Oh Mistress is very up-tempo and melodic but speaks instrumentally with a hard edge as an electric guitar hums and sings out a haunting backing vocal of its own.

In short, this album is very enjoyable. The music is full, without being pretentious or orchestral. I believe that even if this type of music isn't necessarily your cup of tea, you would be able to agree that the album is good and Ben Kilcollins is very talented. The album speaks to Ben's melodic vocals, his lyrical songwriting ability, his range in musical instrumentation and the musical cookery of knowing how much of what ingredient to add, and when to add it.

I definitely give this album the MME seal of approval. - Maine Musicians Exchange

""Everything is Pretty" Album Review"

BEN KILCOLLINS AND THE MUCKY MUCK MEN release Everything is Pretty at the Big Easy. With a full, resonant baritone (at times reminiscent of Big Head Todd and the Monsters), Kilcollins lands the listener right away with the opening "Baby Blue," building from a simple guitar strum into a fully realized arrangement with piano, drums, and a sharp acoustic guitar solo. That he's playing all the instruments on a self-produced record is gravy.
Really, that's probably where he gets in the most trouble. With two self-produced records already on the resume, it's possible Kilcollins could use some outside perspective on his arrangements and tunes that sometimes run past six minutes for no real good reason. Still, like Eric Bettencourt, who turned a similar trick with his debut material, there's a lot of good songwriting here, including the chorus to "City Lights (blinded)" and the interweaving of multiple vocal tracks on the verse of "Wake Up."
With real charisma and an impressive vocal delivery, Kilcollins definitely establishes himself here as someone to whom you should be paying attention. - Portland Phoenix

""Where the Clouds Will Meet" Review 2010"

"Perfect music for a saturday afternoon, Ben Kilcollins... sets new standards in audio, both conceptually and in delivery" - DF Jams

"Nor'easter News 2008"

"Between guitar, harmonica and vocals, Kilcollins displays a lot of talent when on stage" - Katie Dunbar - Nor'easter News

""Wouldn't Mind" Album Review 2008"

What passion cannot music raise and quell! ~John Dryden_

“Wouldn’t Mind” is five-song CD recently released by the very talented Ben Kilcollins. Its genre is that of acoustic rock. Listening to this masterpiece makes me realize yet again why I have gotten so involved with Maine music, and why I work so hard to “bring local music to the masses”. This is surely a work that needs to be heard, to be felt, and to be appreciated by all.

Ben’s raspy vocals make the songs full and rich and add greatly to the poetic character and overall ambience of the music. These songs are brimming with raw emotion, drawing the listener into the plot line of each composition.

The title track, “Wouldn’t Mind”, the most upbeat of the songs on the CD, is truly just a tantalizing taste of things to come.

Track two, “Eloquent Speaker (Whisper)”, slows things down a bit, but gives the listener a chance to hear a greater vocal range as well as more passion. It also sets the tone for the remainder of the CD.

The recording quality of this disc is superb. Ben does all instrumentation and the disc was recorded and produced by him at Euphonic Bumble Productions Studios.

This disc can be purchased at Bullmoose Music locations, at Ben’s myspace page:, or at any of Ben’s live performances.

- Maine Music Association

"Phoenix House 2010"

"Local Maine guitar player, band leader and apres ski solo guitar player extraordinaire... DO NOT MISS HIM! - The Phoenix House & Well

"Billie Jean"

"...I've never heard Michael Jackson sound so sexy." - Grapevine

"No Band Aid"

"When you think solo artist, you don't think Ben Kilcollins. His vocals and stage presence are so strongly unopposed, you forget it is only one person." - Grapevine

"UNE Response"

"...Another wonderful throaty rendition." - Noah Harrison - Grapevine

"Thursday Night Review"

"It'll make your panties moist!" - Morgan Reed - Grapevine


2011 - "Everything is Pretty" LP
radio airplay
- "Baby Blue"

2010 - "Where the Clouds Will Meet" LP
radio airplay
- "Disappearing One" named Top Spin of 2010 (WCYY Portland)
- "Long Night"
- "Wouldn't Mind"

2008 - "Wouldn't Mind" EP
radio airplay
- "Wouldn't Mind"

2007 - "Homegrown" LP
radio airplay
- "I'm Comin Home"



beard clad and barefoot, "acoustic maestro" ben kilcollins has been busy raising his voice around New England's musical neighborhood. Wielding his acoustic guitar, Kilcollins seamlessly unites dirty rock with romantic comedies, provoking a sound only his voice can command.

at 28, with four self-produced albums under his belt, ben storms the scene playing solo shows and occasionally backed by The Vargas Twins to explore all imaginative possibilities.