Ben Knighten

Ben Knighten

 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Ben Knighten's music is acoustically-driven alternative folk and has been described as "a nice wedding of restraint on the part of the instruments and intensity in the singing that never fails to please the ears and bring out the meaning of the songs."


Ben Knighten is an acoustic folk songwriter from Colorado Springs. His music has been described as "addictive, & upbeat, complete with passionate & powerful subject matter" and "a nice wedding of restraint on the part of the instruments and intensity in the singing that never fails to please the ears and bring out the meaning of the songs." He just released his 2nd cd entitled "Keep the Sky" and has played at many different venues across Colorado. His influences include Damien Rice, John Mayer, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Dave Matthews. Additional information about his music and upcoming shows can be found at


The Dreams You Dream

Written By: Ben Knighten

I watch you watching me you speak without a sound

When you see you’re not alone you lay your head back down

I hope you realize that it will be alright

Close your eyes and drift away tonight


And the dreams that you dream

Will be louder than the sea

Although it may seem

That their always out of reach

Just dream


I will wipe away your tears

Know that I am still here

Shut your eyes and go

To the place where you will know


Later that night you toss and turn around

Where is the peace you know that you have found

I’m right here beside you

And I will see you through tonight


Written By: Ben Knighten


I turn off the light too many thoughts inside my mind

It’s just another night I need to leave the world behind

I look at the clock another hour in distress

I just want to walk away from this restlessness


When can I sail away

To the place where I can rest

How long will it take me to find

The road through all this mess


I toss and turn not sure what I’m supposed to do

When will I learn what is false and what is true

I want to know if this will abandon me

Where can I go just to close my eyes and be


And I will find that place tonight

And finally be at peace


Remember Me

Written By: Ben Knighten


I know that yesterday is gone but I’m still here

It’s been coming for awhile but I still fear

The day when you no longer see who I am

But for now all you need to know is I’m your friend


Do you remember me as I am

Cause I remember who you are beneath this mask of yours

When will I see you again

I don’t think you’ve gone too far for us to talk anymore


Sometimes when I look back to the past

I think how time with you went way too fast

No matter what happens I hope you see

Though it will be hard you’ll be free


Now we know that you can go

to the place where you are home

Lucky One

Written By: Ben Knighten

It seems the days are too short
And the nights are too long
But I know what’s on the way
Will be more than a song

And the darkness is over
The cold winter is gone
The dawn of spring is upon us
I feel like I’m a lucky one
Yeah I’m a lucky one yeah I’m a lucky one

They say the grass is always greener
Greener on the other side
But one thing I know for sure
Is that side will be mine

I can feel it getting warmer now
There’s no more frost on the fields
I know it will be fine somehow
Because I’m a lucky one

Keep the Sky

Written By: Ben Knighten

I don’t know how I don’t know why
But lately it seems I’m losing my mind
As time goes on there seems to be
A strand of rope around my feet

Keep the sky from falling
When I look up to the stars
Keep my eyes upon this
Cause I won’t make it very far alone

And even though the here and now
Can seem to be the only sound
We will see a new day dawn
And find a way to carry on

And if the sky falls down on me
The world will still go round you’ll see you’ll see

Oh Colorado

Written By: Ben Knighten

It seems like my head is still spinning now
I know that my heart is still beating loud
We need a compass to find our way through
The storm that has lingered here very soon

Oh Colorado, your mountains always watch over me
I know through this darkness the dawn will be bright enough to see

And the prayers that go up from this place
They have been heard and will not go to waste
I think I can see the skies clearing now
And peace will find its way to us somehow

All of the pieces here may fall just like our tears
But we will see a new day dawn and find a way to carry on

Better Place

Written By: Ben Knighten

Remember a long time ago we went for a ride
On the bumpy road behind your house it seemed like we could fly
And when we got home we went for a swim
On your shoulders your carried me across to the deep end

Now I can see how this heart is supposed to see
Where you are going is where I want to be

Climbing up this mountain clouds across the sky
We follow the windy road aspens passing by
When we got to the top the air it was so thin
But the expression on your face said you were content

This world is a better place with you
It’s not the same with you
It’s a better place with you
And it’s not the same with you

900 Miles

Written By: Ben Knighten

A cold November day driving all the way back home
It seems that I can find only one song on the radio
Two worlds too far apart in the middle one more time
At the end of the road I’m not sure what we will find

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm
Silence it is so loud
With you I’m alone somehow
I wish that I could stay
900 miles away from this place

A bridge that fell apart was it even there at all
I seem to find myself on the other side of this wall
Is there a way that we can finally turn the tide
Away from the place our thoughts and fears collide

I know that we will try to see eye to eye
Even if it means that we push this aside


All I Want - Debut Full Length Album Released March 2011
Keep the Sky - Released April 2012

Set List

1. Love is Unstoppable
2. Stepping Stones
3. Unattended Tree
4. Away
5. Wrong Side of the Road
6. The One
7. A Moment More
8, See Clearly
9. Breaking Free
10. Ready or Not
11. Better Place
12. Lucky One
13. The Open Door
14. All I Want
15. Let Go
16. Remember Me
17. What it Can Be
18. 900 Miles
19. The Dreams You Dream
20. Beyond the Silence