Austin, Texas, USA

1 part Depeche Mode 1 part Dinosaur Jr. 1 part Simon and Garfunkel Add Vibraphone and a splash of REM Garnish with fresh Cucumber slices


Benko, a pop trio from Austin, Texas, creates catchy indie melodies with bass, drums, and vibraphone. The band’s guitar-less sound is both heavy and melodic, pairing jangling riffs with a raw, distorted crunch. Benko’s combination of pop songcraft and fresh instrumentation feels at once innovative and familiar. While the players’ jazz influences occasionally come to the surface, Benko’s sound is united by its pop sensibilities.

Their first album, Welcome to the Follow Through, was engineered and mixed by Jim Eno (Spoon) and mastered by Erik Wofford.


An International Affair (EP) - 2005
Welcome to the Follow Through (LP) - 2008

Set List

Typically 45 minute sets.