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Slipping Away From Him

Written By: krahne BMI Daniels ASCAP

"Slipping Away From Him"
He's sitting at a bus stop in the rain
Waiting for the two fifteen
Climbs aboard at six am
Ready for another day
But a foreclosed house, a stack of bills
Everything he's slaved for has gone down hill
What's it gonna take to get out of this hole
His wife and his children need their home
He's scratching fighting scrambling but his future looks dim
The american dream is slipping away from him
His little girl meets him at the front door
Wearing a smile on her face
He lifts her up gives her a hug
Yes now he understands
For that dead end job and this pink slip
Can’t destroy his faith and relationships
Repeat Chorus
He's got his hopes and his dreams
But everything is not what it seems
No golden parachute no bail out plan
All he can do is make a stand
Repeat Chorus

Hanging On

Written By: Ben Krahne BMI

My demons spread like a summer fire because my faith is gone a drift
And hurting is a way of life and all I do is sit
Watch my dreams burn into the ground
And all my hopes die without a sound
If I did half the things I should have done she wouldn't have cut me loose
I could blame her for leaving me but would be the use
Now all I do waste away my time
Knowing that it's a awful crime
But still I keep hanging on
Waiting for things to change
They can't go much more wrong
And still I keep hanging on
Waiting for a sign
To bring me back to life
I keep hanging on
All I'm gonna do is bide my time and wait for the storm to pass
Even rain has to stop and it better happen fast
Im tired of my sorrow and regret
I need a new love so I'll forget
repeat chorus
My demons spread like a summer fire because my faith is gone a drift
And hurting is a way of life and all I do is sit

If you truly believe

Written By: Ben Krahne

If You Truly Believe

There's a place lying deep in your heart
That holds a passion but needs that spark
To ignite your frozen dreams make them all come true
Your my little girl and I've given you wings
Don't get caught up in those trivial things
And watch your world go by you need to light your way
Theres a strength in all of us
Take your time and learn to trust

Move those mountains challenge the seas
There's nothing you can't do if you take the lead
Gamble on chances live for the day
Learn from example hear what I say
There's nothing you can't achieve
If you truly believe

I've must have made a thousand mistakes
On this road of bad luck and breaks
I've always tried to make it right you can too
This probably sounds like a lecture you've heard
I'm only preaching so you will learn
To guide you in the right path out of harms way
There's choices in your life
Have some faith then you might
repeat chorus

Like a hurricane

Written By: Ben krahne

Like a Hurricane
Our love is like a Texas gulf storm
It's scary sometimes
But I know my baby loves me she's my partner in crime
The storm whistle blows in the still of the night
She begins to turn down the lights
The start of a hurricane blowin through my heart

Yea the wind starts blowin lighting strikes
The rain steadly falls
The shutters on the window rattle and shake
She loves me so wild and hard
She's like a hurricane blowin through my heart
The aftermath is so quiet and clear
Like a old ghost town
The sun strikes the window she's ready for one more round
There's a hunger lying deep in her eyes
I wonder if I'll ever survive
The start of a hurricane blowin through my heart
repeat chorus
She's a force of nature not to argue with/
And why should I even try to resist
repeat chorus

church for Sale

Written By: Ben krahne /donna aylor


He was born in a small town, raised on the gospel truth
Took a job in the city, where his faith soon lost it's roots
So he packed up his lost soul, and drove back home today
Found himself at this old church, where he was saved
But what he saw was a sign on the broken door


Church for sale, it may seem weathered beyond repair
Been awhile since it heard a prayer
Needs love hammer and nails
And a fresh coat of faith
Church for sale

Echoes of Sunday sermons, bring back sweet memories
As the cracked stained glass reflects, a broken man on his knees
It's hard now to remember why he ever ran away
But chance or faith led him to this forgotten place
Jesus swung a hammer, maybe he could too

repeat chorus

Now on a sunlit sacred day, there's praises from every pew
And a man singing Amazing Grace, who was raised on the gospel truth

repeat chorus

Island Of Angels

Written By: Ben Krahne

There's a special place in my soul
Across a golden bridge
Where love grows
But I haven't seen it
In such a long time
I guess the under tow of life
Washed away the signs

I grow so weary of a endless sea
Need to reach those shores
Cuz I still believe

It lies somewhere between a thousand prayers
Behind fog of fear
Need to get there
Leave all this trouble and pain
Yes I'll bid farewell
When I reach my island of angels
When I reach my island of angels


There waiting patiently just for me
With glimmering wings
Holding my dreams
I hear whispers
Calling in the night
I grab at the wind,
But still out of sight

My heart is pounding I'm so scared
It's close in the distance
Warmth in the air

repeat chorus

Just A Man

Written By: Ben krahne donna aylor

Just A Man
Donna Aylor/ Ben Krahne
I wish I was a baby they aren't afraid to cry
Or an angel in heaven they never worry about time
An island at sea cooled by a summer wind
Her back in my loving arms again


But I'm only flesh and blood
Yet a miracle is what I need
Please GOD bring her back to me
You have the power and I'm on my knees
I wish I was anything other than
Just a man


I wished I had stopped her from driving away last night
I woundn't be here praying to YAH to open her eyes
Though she looks so peaceful in this hospital bed
All I hear are the angry words I said
repeat chorus


Time will only if she makes it through
I've prayed a thousnd prayers
Lord now it's up to YOU