Ben Kuttler

Ben Kuttler


My rich tenor is a result of my vocal folds being molded by the crafty hands of Zeus and my passion is motivated by the salting and curing of great meats.

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My Love Sizzles For You

Written By: Ben Kuttler

[Whistle Intro]

I'm in love, a love that's pure, a love that's all my own.
And when I introduce you to my love, I know you won't approve.

I smile whenever I hear, the sound of my love, especially in the morning.
Then, I hold it in my hand and put it in my mouth, to chew on it's crunchy goodness.

You can't have me 'cause I am taken. My heart is for my bacon.

[Whistle Interlude]

Am I alone in my obsession.
I thought there'd be more men.
If you're like me but you need to confess.
Then join my Bacon Love Facebook page.

There's a meat I love to eat, you know that meat is pig.
Ham is great and so is sausage, but, bacon is the best.

I hope that we never find, that human tastes like swine; I'd be tempted to eat myself.
I will move to Iowa where pigs are near and far, they prob'ly have bacon dispensers.

You can't have me 'cause I am taken. My heart is for my bacon.

[Whistle Outro]