Ben Lapps

Ben Lapps

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

21 year old Ben Lapps is the most mesmerizing and creative up-and-coming acoustic fingerstyle guitarist...blah, blah, blah... just watch his videos.


Ben Lapps is a Fingerstyle Guitarist. At age 21 he has released three full-length albums, gathered over 15 million views on YouTube, starred in an international advertising campaign, and performed for thousands of people all over the world. 

To best understand Ben Lapps, search "How Ben Lapps plays basketball" on YouTube. Watch that, then go listen to his latest album, Stormalong. It's an instrumental, guitar-based album - but there's a jarring sense of his personal voice that shamelessly jumps out of the instrument. It's really really not boring.

Ben's music is available on iTunes,, CD Baby etc.

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The New Color LP (2009)
See, the Sky LP (2011)
Stormalong LP (2014)

Set List

Ben can comfortably play up to 3 hours of music. He'll play mostly flashy original tunes, and throw in some popular covers too.