Ben Lawless/The King Congregation

Ben Lawless/The King Congregation


We play mostly instrumental, psychedelic rock & roll, with a main focus on rhythm and strong notion of garage aesthetics. Ben Lawless is the sole composer, and his writing runs wild from soft single-cell romance poop to drug-punk flurries of polyrhythms and third-world melodies...


Ben Lawless' main influences are Sun Ra, Jimi Hendrix, Punk Rock and Doo-Wop. He writes all the music for the band, mostly instrumental, typically odd-meter rhythms (with emphasis on percussion) over/under third-world melodies, repeated counter bass figures and some cheesy lyrics...


Stick & move

Written By: Ben Lawless

Every morning bout the crack of dawn my neighbors sit and watch me come home gone from the night before, I can't recall, from blacking out in the bathroom stall, from all the xanax and the alcohol that they sell up and down almost any strip; you might push it if ya really hip. But I don't do that kinda shit, this just a stupid song, so let me tell you what the fuck goes on. Last night I met this freak that I knew in the club -felt the friction from her body when she gave me a hug. I let her know up front I don't have no ride but won't ya holler atcha boy when we get outside. She left her friends at the bar and then she got in her car. It was a fine Cadillac, she picked me up around back. We didn't drive that far, behind the next whiskey bar; oh, don't ask why, she had that look in her eye. In the back of her Broghum I got some "Georgia Dome." In the back of her mind she got some quality time. But you don't hear me cuz you talking that yak, so let me tell you how I hit it from the back. On the 69 floor of the Marriott, with a marvelous view of the parking lot, on all fours was this girl, man, she was showing the world... She said, "Stop!" I said, "What!" She said, "Stick it in the butt." So I stuck it in the butt, and then I bust a nut. And then I got dressed and smoked a cigarette. I checked my cell phone log, I had two new texts. On the dresser was the money so I took it and ran, I gotta late-nite creep with this freak from Japan. But I just hit it and quit it cuz I had to bounce, I gotta meetcha boy Joe so I can cop me an ounce... When I be high, I be spooked out, bootin' up like I gotta bunch of golds in my mouth. If ya got it on ya mind, fella, we can go, I'm from that Bankhead Court and and that Campbellton Rd.


Ben Lawless as the King Congregation: self-released 2010

Set List

We have different sets. This is what we know so far:
Comb to the bone
Wedding dress song
Handsome cabin boy
Lift ticket
Spring fling
Glow sticks
L5P talent scout
Stick & move
Sick as a dog
Smoking DSG
Smoking DSG II
Get out my life woman
King Congregation & Cyclone Brigade
King Congregation & Cyclone Brigade II
Yeah little gypsy
Live wrong and party strong
El hajj
Can you see me
Paulita dementia
Blue ruse