Ben Lear

Ben Lear

 New York City, New York, USA

Ben Lear doesn't write love songs. Instead, he writes about scuba adventures to islands of trash (in search of the woman he loves), chronicles of a dying beekeeper (eager to see his love, who passed before him), celebrations of family (love) and odes to the many things he's lost (like love).


Ben Lear grew up in Los Angeles with a loving family and a view of the ocean. When he was ten years old, he found a guitar at his friend’s house and began picking the open strings.

Fast forward to today. Ben Lear recently graduated NYU’s Music Composition program. He has fallen in love with orchestral music and the effect those colors have on his songwriting. And from that love, he has composed a folk-opera entitled, Lillian, about a man, who must scuba dive to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to reclaim all he’s lost in his life.

The show premiered on May 21st to a sold-out crowd at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. Following the performance, Fox News invited Ben to appear on its program, Strategy Room.

On March 1st, 2011, Lillian: A Folk Opera was released as an album via Underwater Sounds and is now available on iTunes as well as many other online stores.



Written By: Ben Lear

Lillian, how do you fall asleep so easily?
I want to know how do you close your eyes and uncurl your toes?

Where do you go when I speak and its clear that you aren’t listening?
You’ve drifted off, far from me. All I’ve lost I’ve lost to the sea.

Lillian, are you aware there’s an island of plastic
At sea somewhere?
All we’ve forgot, all we’ve misplaced has gathered there
As the waves cover up their trace.

I lost my keys, I lost my phone, I lost a hold of all I used to own.
Lillian, while you dream, could you keep the sun from rising?

Let me begin. Just tell me when and I will dive right in and start swimming.
With fins and a mask, with air on my back and with the map that I drew when I lost you too.

To the great pacific trash
To the oceanic garbage patch.

All I care about’s there and the water’s dulling its shape.
There’s the wake that you made when the current took you away.

Lil, I hope you hear this. Even sleep can’t keep you fearless.

I need you to come through for me on the other side.
Tie with strings the lost things so they’re ready when I arrive to travel through the divide and come out alive.


Lillian: A Folk Opera - March 1st 2011.

Families EP - Oct. 2010.

Lillian EP - May 2009.