Ben Lee Tyler

Ben Lee Tyler


Ben Lee Tylers classic musical influences such as the Beatles, and Oasis fuse together to create Popular Rock music with loads of feeling. Ben tells stories that everyone can associate with, and creates music that you will be singing along to for years to come.


"The next Paul McCartney!" - BBC Radio Gloucestershire

"Ben Lee Tyler could be the name of 2006!" **** - Get Ready To Rock

"Ben Lee Tyler, what a great songwriter!" - Radio Wave 96.5fm

"A performance not to be missed!" - Roadhouse Manchester

"I can't fault him!" - The Music Broker Network

Over the years, Ben Lee Tyler has written extraordinary songs that never fail to capture the undivided attention of his audience. Through powerful rock instrumentals guided by sweeping vocal melodies he expresses emotion brilliantly and you are guaranteed to be blown away!

Ben's talent for creating commanding riffs and catchy choruses was what drew Ivolution Entertainments Director of Artist Development to him, who quickly realised that his musical talent and unique vocals made him an irresistible prospect.

Since his discovery, Ben has also signed a record deal with Ivolution Records and a publishing deal with Ivolution Music.

With their assistance, Ben established a band that complimented his talent for creating extraordinary songs and then immediately escaped to South Africa to record his debut album 'Dreamweavers Town'.

This incredible album was recorded in only two short months and includes the fantastic debut single 'Not My Fault', which is now available to download worldwide from the majority leading online stores including iTunes, Napster, Virgin Digital and HMV Digital and will be nationally released on December 4th 2006!

The debut single has already received some extremely positive feedback throughout the UK and USA, including regular playlisting on numerous radio stations and features in various music magazines.

'Not My Fault' was also included on the MIDEM TuneTank CD which was presented to all 2000 delegates taking part at this years MIDEM international music conference in France. As a result of his continued exposure Ben Lee Tyler was then forwarded as a nominee for the international Billboard songwriters award 2006.

Since the release of his debut single, Ben has already developed a huge fan base and has been touring consistently across Great Britain, achieving an enormous amount of respect within the live performance arena as well as television, radio and press.

A recent example of Ben Lee Tyler's success was his performance to over 2,000 people at the Cinemagic Music Festival '06 in Northern Ireland. As usual, Ben and his band performed brilliantly on the mainstage with the likes of Starsailor and Journey South, receiving compliments from host Dermot O'Leary who personally supports Ben as a result.

Although this is only the beginning of Ben's music career, past achievements have already shown him that there is no limit to his success and anything can be accomplished if you strive hard enough for it. Whether you hear Ben on the radio or see him perform at a local venue, it is clear that it is only a matter of time until the world wakes up to Ben Lee Tyler!

Ben Lee Tyler was born in the south west of England on the 26th of April 1984. He is inspired by such great acts as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and began to play guitar and write music at the age of fourteen.

He has consistently performed across the UK and has been hailed as "The next Paul McCartney" by BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

He has consistently performed around Oxford, generating a large following and has been hailed as ‘The next Paul McCartney’ by BBC Radio Gloucestershire.


* Ben Lee Tyler - Not My Fault to appear on Midem Tunetank Compilation CD 2006.

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Not My Fault

Written By: Ben Lee Tyler


well its a hard fact to face,
that nothing you say,
could ever stop me from going away.
And by the look on your face you now realise, you drove me out cause you never believed what l said...


Cause you listen to all your friends telling all those tales about me.
So, why don't you go away and follow all the rest of the sheep,
cause l won't lose no sleep...


But now you're fading in the picture, you realise its hit ya
you got no-one to cry to anymore
but its not my fault...

So, now who are you gonna run to, to make them believe you, l was the one who drove you away
but thats not the case


You could of saved it all if you just listened to me tell you my side of the story, but you never believed what l said...


... But its not my fault...
... But its not my fault...

Thorn In My Heart

Written By: Ben Lee Tyler


There's a thorn in my heart that makes me bleed,
everytime that you say that its my fault.
So for once in your life won't you believe me,
cause I don't need to lie to you at all,
cause you're the one who's hiding behind the door.


So take a look in the mirror,
take a glimpse at yourself and your life,
before you find the time to put down mine.
I'm sick and tired of smiling and grinning,
and making it look like you are winning,
all the time well thats just fine.


Find a new insult to make you grow,
it cuts deeper more than you'll ever know.
the flames still there but I'm in doubt,
it seems you'll try your best to put it out,
so from the start why didn't you want out of here



Written By: Ben Lee Tyler


Why did you take the thoughts right out of my mind,
can't you stick to what you only find.
Instead of taking my lines all the time,
your eyes show your lies,
and the truth that you've never told.


l can see that were strangers,
but your making me feel love, see love all the time.
In my mind can anybody try to save me?
From this love l can't believe in,
it just keeps on decieving me now.


You have got eyes like no colour found,
got a voice like no other sound,
But you just keep sending me back around,
what about some help here,
l can feel it tryna disappear.



if you went away would l be alright?
Cause i've got to see you in my sights,
cause l want want you yeah yeah.



* Not my Fault [single] - Released 4th December 2006
* Would you wake up the sun? [single] - To be released 2nd April 2007
* Dreamweavers Town [album] - To be released May 2007.

Set List

Full Band Set:
- Don't be confused
- Thorn in my Heart
- My Worlds Mine
- Clown of the Class
- Dreamweavers Town
- Not my Fault
- Hate My Name
- Would You Wake Up The Sun?
- So For Me
- Catching The Rain
- Strangers

Acoustic Set:
- Would You Wake The Sun?
- So For Me
- Dreamweavers Town
- Hate My Name
- Strangers
- My Worlds Mine