Ben Mahony

Ben Mahony

 Whitehorse, Yukon, CAN

Ben Mahony plays energetic modern rock with passionate intensity then waxes softly on a 12-string acoustic guitar depending on the audience in question and the feel of the venue. His recordings feature catchy post punk pop tunes and lyrics tinged with sadness, political awareness and the absurd.


The electrified band, "The Ben Mahony Conspiracy," is a high energy band that plays intense power pop. Dancers at folk festivals and listeners at original rock venues have been impressed by this band whose recordings are being played on commercial radio and CBC in the Yukon homeland. The recent tour enjoyed the support of both Air North and Yukon Brewry. Mahony also plays solo acoustic sets on his chiming 12-string guitar. These quieter folky sets are thoughtful and humourous and Mahony has just secured a grant to record a new release which will capture the spirit and energy of these songs.


"Action Reaction EP," Ben Mahony and the Big-Eyed Beans From Venus
"Dualism, Cynicism and Litigation," Ben Mahony
"Scotch Soaked Oranges," Ben Mahony

Set List

A 45 minute electric set with the band would prominently feature tunes from the "Action Reaction" CD as well as other originals and a few well-placed covers. (For our covers, see the set list B) below. For example:


1) The Remainder
2) Stay Active
3) Fault Lines
4) Stormy Soul
5) Queen of the Guillotine
6) Ten Years Tommorrow
7) Decease
8) Impermanence
9) Pushing Up Daisies
10) Dangerous View
11) Encore Tunes: Lucifer Sam (Syd Barret), Miss World (Hole), White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)


1) I Will Survive-Gloria Gaynor/Cake
2) Sexual Healing-Marvin Gaye/Soul Asylum
3) Smells LIke Teen Spirit-Nirvana
4) I Was Make for Loving you-KISS
5) Stayin' Alive- The Beegees
6) Superstitous-Stevie Wonder
7) Deborah-BECK
8) Do You Really Want to Hurt Me-Culture Club
9) Gin and Jiuce-Snoop Doggy Dog
10) Anarchy in the UK - The Sex Pistols


1) Set Your Heart
2) Ten Years Tommorrow
3) Dishwashers of the World U