Ben Mallott

Ben Mallott

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandAmericanaAdult Contemporary

Strong vocals, lyrics, and songwriting based in Americana branching to soul, country, and pop. Influences: Townes Van Zandt, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Leonard Cohen, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, John Lee Hooker


SXSW 2009
Old Settler's Music Fest 2009
Kerrville Folk Fest New Folk Finalist '09
Rocky Mountain Folks Fest '09
Americana Music Assoc Showcase '09
SW Reg Folk Alliance '09 Showcase

Roots formed in old standards, a juvenile heart, and his mother's Ray Charles albums, Austin's Ben Mallott uses his grainy timbre to remove the punctuation between singer and songwriter.

After completing his first solo recording, Look Good, Feel Good, in the summer of 2008, Ben Mallott has firmly established himself in the forefront of Austin's bustling singer-songwriter set. The record was released locally in December 2008 to wide praise and continues to garner Mallott attention as a unique voice. Blending a variety of influences from across the musical spectrum, Mallott's sound while all his own, fits in nicely into the diverse landscape that has become American music.

Mallott spent his summer touring the West coast and playing festivals from SXSW, to Colorado's Folks Fest, as well as showcasing at The Americana Music Association Conference and Festival in Nashville.

He's set to begin work with producer Mark Hallman on another recording project this winter. "I can't wait. This record is going to have a bigger, faster sound. I don't think anyone really expects that from me. The music feels like it's evolving quickly. I'm just trying to keep up."



Written By: Ben Mallott

This life goes howling like a wind
You’d better get along if you can
We come in ringing like a mockingbird song
Crawling up the skies all night long

But those heartbreaks, they catch up with you.
You better check up on your lover
Better check up on your friends
Those heartbreaks gonna get you in the end

All these roads they lead to Rome
You spend all your money, and you come back home
I took from Peter just to pay back Paul
A little birdie told me she’d take care of it all

But those heartbreaks, they catch up with you
Better look out where you’re going
‘stead of liking where you been
Those heartbreaks gonna get you in the end

I’m working for a season I can call my own
In the light of day I wanna rest my bones
Through farms and fields and fallen words
I’m gonna keep on ringing like the mockingbird

Cause those heartbreaks, they catch up with you
You can tell it to the world
You can tell it to the wind
Those heartbreaks gonna get you
Those heartbreaks gonna get you in the end

I Want It All

Written By: Ben Mallott

Hard times, they know me
I stood up just to fall
But all of that is below me
Won’t matter anymore
When you give it to me
I want it all

All that worry that you have been holding
I’ll come and wash it all away
If I’m a fool for wanting you
There’s nothing else to say
But I’m a fool. I’m a fool. I’m a fool.
I want it all.

There’s a glove for every hand
And there’s a place for every tool
There’s a woman for every man
And there’s a home for every fool
So welcome home. I’m your fool.
And I want it all.


LP- Look Good, Feel Good is set for release in December, 2008. It includes 11 original songs.

Set List

Our set list usually includes 80% originals and our current covers include:

"Psycho Killer"-David Byrne
"Saturday Sun"- Nick Drake
"Johnny Too Bad"- The Slickers
"Long Black Veil"
"Not in Nottingham"- Roger Miller
"Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground"- Willie Nelson