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"Worn Legs"

Hab mir anlässlich der neuen Platte die drei Alben des Niederösterreichers,
die ich zuhause habe, noch mal durchgehört und dabei festgestellt, dass mir
jedes ein Stückchen besser gefällt als sein unmittelbarer Vorgänger. Nach
wie vor bewegt sich Martin an der Grenzlinie von Singer-Songwriting und
Gitarrenpop, doch zunehmend profilierter und im Detail überraschender - etwa
im Spiel mit der schlingernden Rhythmik von "Too Dark" oder "Leave Me
Alone". Meistens bin ich ein Fan von Erstlingsalben - hier ist eine der
Ausnahmen: Als würde man ein Gesicht betrachten, das sich immer deutlicher
aus einem anfangs noch verwaschenen Foto herausschält. (Violet Noise/Hoanzl)
(Josefson) - Der Standard


Ben Martin Solo:
- That State Of Mind (Album, 2004, Wohnzimmer Records, Radio and TV-Airplay with "Television")
- FM4 Soundselection 10 - "Television" (Compilation, 2004, SonyBMG)
- Travelling (Album, 2005, Wohnzimmer Records, Radio and TV-Airplay with "Travelling")
- FM4 Musikladen Vol.2 - "Travelling" (Compilation, 2005, free mp3 Download)
- The Tiny Bits And Pieces (Album, 2006, Wohnzimmer Records, Radio and TV-Airplay with "The Heating Is On Again" and "Matt Bianco")
- Worn Legs (Album, 2007, Violet Noise Records, Radio and TV-Airplay with "Take Me Home" and "Secret")
- Born Under Dark Skies (Album, 2011, Violet Noise Records, Radio Airplay with "Pirate Ships")

- Out Of Order (Single, 2007, Violet Noise Records, Radio Airplay with "Went To Buy A Nikon Camera")
- French Parade (Single, 2008, Violet Noise Records, Radio and TV-Airplay with "French Parade")
- I AM CEREALS. (Album, 2009, Violet Noise Records, Radio Airplay with "Two Faces" and "Human Vocoder")
- FM4 Soundselection 20 - "Two Faces" (Compilation, 2009, Sony)
- Death To The 80s - "The Look" (Compilation, 2009, schoenwetter, Hailed "Best so far" by Per Gessle, TV-Airplay)
- Galaxy (Album, 2011, Violet Noise Records, Radio- and TV Airplay with "Galaxy", TV Airplay with "You Know What")

The Black Riders
- On The Horizon (Single, 2010, Violet Noise Records, Radio and TV Airplay with "On The Horizon")
- The Guns Are Rested (Album, 2010, Violet Noise Records, Radio Airplay with "Chasing Rabbits")

Axel Wolph (as Sideman)
- My Little Reminder - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Single, 2010, United Indies, Radio Airplay)
- Where Do We Go - Lead & Backing Vocals (Single, 2011, United Indies)



With the release of several albums and successful radio-singles since 2004 in his native Austria, Ben Martin is known as "one of the most talented songwriters" and "an incredible singer and guitar player" (Concerto Magazine). Born in 1978, his early influences range from ECM-Jazz to early 80s mainstream-pop, The Beatles and funk-influenced African music, so his pop-songwriting has always had some depth and distinctiveness to it. Radio FM4, the most influential station in Austria, has soon discovered his music for regular rotation and has remained a great supporter ever since.

Ben Martin picked up the guitar early on at the age of six years old, followed by years of classical training and a diploma as a jazz guitarist. As late as 2003 he found his voice, his love for interacting on stage with his audience and has played numerous shows in Austria, Germany and Switzerland ever since. With his previous album "Born Under Dark Skies", he brought the spirit of live-performance into the studio and recorded all songs live together with an eclectic lineup of violin, cello, fluegelhorn and percussion.

His current album "The Endless Stream Of Everything" (ready for a 2013 release) was again recorded live, this time with the passionate spirits of his live-band, musicians he's been working with for nearly 20 years. The melancholy known in his earlier work has been replaced by songs that honestly celebrate the good and bad times in life, the love for friends and family and the power of community. The music, played on acoustic guitar, fender bass, drums and wurlitzer/hammond, makes you tap your feet, open your heart and - just as the performers - have a good time.