ben miller band

ben miller band


The ben miller band is an exciting genre bending trio of enthusiastic entertainers. The influences are countless, you will hear traces of everything from pure delta-blues, bluegrass and folk, through punk, and hip-hop. Truly original. It's like Big Smith and Bob Logg had a slightly autistic baby.


The Ben Miller Band is made up of three very different vagabond musicians. Ben Miller(slide guitar, lead vocals) began his musical career on the streets of northern europe playing his distinctive delta-blues slide guitar for passers-by. He built an impressive collection of folk songs and original material as well as honing a distinctive performance style.
Combine that with the home grown musical mad scientist Scott Leeper(washtub bass, backing vocals). He began his musical career at the gentle age of 4, wowing audiences playing folk music in his family's band The Leepers. Later he toured with delta-blues hero Lightning Boy Malcom, and also made a name for himself as a truly astounding one man band.
To complete this trio of musicians comes Doug "Cap't Washboard" Dicharry(washboard, drums, trombone, backing vocals). As a navy brat growing up he assimilated an array of musical styles and attidudes. Moving every 2 years throughout the globe his one constant was music, from playing with punk, ska, and progressive noise bands to school marching bands.
The three met in Joplin Missouri at open mic nights that Ben was running. The three naturally gravitated towards each other feeding off of their shared interests as well as their different influences. They have been relentlessly gigging a minimum of 3 nights a week for over 21/2 years crafting a tight, dynamic yet amazingly original sound.


2005-Ben Miller Band (eponomous)
2006-(yet unnamed)
2007-Benefit show at KP
Live in J-Town at KP

Set List

The ben miller band keeps no set lists.
We have over 500 songs and our record lenth of show was 7 hours.
The shows are made up of originals and covers, mixed with a healthy dose of improvisation.
Our shows are generally 3 45 min sets.