ben nelson

ben nelson


the ben nelson band is a unique blend of folk rock/AAA/jam/singer songwriter and more. many people look to ben nelson for a change. and thats what he is doing.


Imagine a sound that made your feet dance, head bob, and face smile. Ben Nelson and his Band have been making that sound all around the southeast for a few years now. And just think it all started with a 10 year old boy and his fathers old Guild guitar. Ben has shared the stage with many household names. About 2 years ago Ben decided to bring on a full perminent band consisting of: Saxaphone (DJ Hartin), Bass (Brady Gomillion) and Drums (Kevin Chandler). As the year passed and Ben played over 140 shows, things changed a bit with his move to Birmingham, Alabama from Greenville Alabama but are all is going well and he is buiser than ever with the upcomming album, Tv shows like club 139 and NBC.

The Ben Nelson Band is a Band that is here to move more than just feet, but to move hearts. They are a 100% christian band that loves to go lead worship as well as do concerts. Things are picking for this young group and alot of fans are hopping on board. I hope you get a chance to come and worship with the Ben Nelson Band at a church, coffee shop, cafe, theatre, concert hall, festival, rally, or camp near you. peace. 1 Cor 10:31


ben solo stuff:
-dream poet EP (2001)
-dear alayro LP (2003)
ben nelson band:
changed EP (2006)
Live @ Club 139 (april 2006)
changed LP (dec 2006)

Set List

original songs including:
dream poet
my girl
the day i
over cooled
peace of mind
sunshine angel
who am i
melodic mess
simple melody
breaking day
to good
one of a kind
mad world
exalt your name
come on
rick fine blues
story (so you see)
you are
humble hearts

hey girl (o.a.r.)
waiting wishing (jack johnson)
Time (damien rice)
cannon ball (damien rice)
grey street (dave mathews)
crash (dave mathews)
imagine (john lennon)
times the are a changing (bob dylan)
.... and many many more

heart of worship
fields of grace
mountain maker
great is your faithfulness
step by step
marvoulous light
sweep me away
all we need is you
i can only imagine
blessed be your name
yes lord
fathers house
....I can list forever