Bennett/Berner Project

Bennett/Berner Project


It's a cross between pop and roots rock and a bit of singer songwriter all rolled into one. Meaningful songs with strong melodies and grooves.


This band/recording unit was put together as an outlet for the songwriting team of John Bennett & Irv Berner. With John's taste being a bit more pop and commercial and Irv coming from a more rootsy musical place, together they've created a library of hip music with strong melodies and hooks.


Hearts Cry

Written By: Irv Berner & John Bennett

Hearts cry, you can hear them in the shadows in the deep of the night
Hear ‘em sigh, longin’ for a heart that’s gone
And I cry, thinkin’ of you gone and not coming back to me
And I long, for your heart tonight


I’m Dreaming that you’re lying here with me
Dreaming that I look in your eyes and see
Dreaming that you’re whispering I love you into my ear, just one more time
A one more time

Hearts cry, when they’ve been broken for a long, long time
Hearts cry, but some are lucky to mend
And Mine cried, then you came to me, was it just a dream
Mine cried, you wiped away the tears


One more time to feel your breath against me
One more time to feel your hand in mine
One more time to feel you close against me
Just one more

Hearts cry, feeling oh so empty and hollow below
Inside, nothing left to hold
And here I lie, thinking of you sittin’ here with me
So long ago, my mind never will let go


The Hardness Of The World

Written By: Irv Berner & John Bennett

Tonight, the lights, go out in every city
Its cold, its damp, & I can't help but think of you
You're warm, you're hot
Your heart touches me like no other

It's the hardness of the world
That breaks us down so easily
We fall to our knee's
To get back up & see
It's the hardness of the world
that brings us here, tonight

I look, to you, your smile shines on me like
The sun, the moon, revolving 'round you
I feel love, again, but we all know it's just


Tonight, a light, shines in this room
with us, they're here, the spirits live within these walls
They see, their love protects us from