Bennie Point

Bennie Point

 West Point, Mississippi, USA
BandHip Hop

Have you ever heard about Bennie Point? He's one of the hottest artist Mississippi has to offer.


Bennie Point a Hip/Rap artist from (West Point) Mississippi. Bennie Point has took his position in the Mississippi rap scene. Bennie Point has 4 solo projects under his belt in the last 2 years and is one of the hottest artists to come out of N Misisissippi. With a solid, and unique sound he has gained the attention of thousands of fans! It's only a matter of time that he will be noticed nationally.
As a independent artist Bennie Point has been doing his thing for the past thirteen years and when it comes to music
Bennie Point's got it. Its undeniable he's not just a RAPPER he is an ARTIST.


Bennie Point "Polo Kid 2010" Ft Hit Single Hurricane

Bennie Point "Iron Chef 2010" Ft Hit Single Messed Up