Benn Ross

Benn Ross

 Nova Scotia, CAN

Heavy Meadows is open tuned, guitar and voice driven songwriting with rocking bass and drums for all generations!


Benn Ross's favourite thing in the world is to be playing music. He is a well-respected Halifax drummer who plays in many live bands, works as a drum instructor, session drummer, and producer of his own music.
Influenced primarily by Pop, Jazz and Folk music of various types and eras from around the globe, Benn's own creations hint at a wide variety of styles mixed together to create a unique look at what makes a song.


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2011 - Hivernation (8 song L.P)

2008 - Le Nose (8 song L.P)

The Polaroid Series (4 EPs - 2005/06):
2006 - 'benn ross IIII'
2005 - 'benn ross III'
2005 - 'benn ross II'
2005 - 'benn ross I'

1997 - 'me me me'

As a session musician, Benn has added drums and percussion to countless recordings by Halifax-based Rock, Folk, Jazz, and Pop artists over the past 15 years.

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Set List

Benn Ross and his band can perform 2 full 45-60 minutes sets if required.

content from 6 albums of original material

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