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Black Eyed Eyed Peas meets Kanye and Beastie Boys. Benny Cassette is his own sound a mash up of Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop.


Benny Cassette is a true enigma. A burning satellite, spinning an intricate web of controlled chaos, who loves to free style and create music people can get lost in. Both a trendsetter and a visionary, Cassette boldly challenges the status quo with his own distinctive Club/Rock hybrid genre, mashing up Hip Hop, Soul, Rock and Pop into the perfect sonic escape. He's a rock star creating his own movement, continuously pushing the envelope and championing the underdog, where the truth, heart and soul of the matter resides.

"There's too much stuff coming out of the factory and not enough stuff coming out of the laboratory."

Along with his diverse upbringing, personal stories of growing up in LA, and the soul searching in between, something totally refreshing in sound and message has been formed.

In fact, Dr. Dre, Eve, DMX, Timbaland and Mos Def have already taken note of the multi-talented songwriter/producer, whose eclectic musical taste and inventive style has led to collaborations with Eve, Will I Am, Shakira and emerging artist Tara Ellis, among others.

"To me, good music is good music. I came up in the LA hip hop scene listening to NWA and the Beastie Boys. On top of that, I grew up in a Latino neighborhood where I heard Salsa, Ranchero and Oldies. At home, dad listened to jazz, and at school kids either played rap at lunchtime, or rock after school."

He's a hip hop artist with alternative influences; a true iconoclast who understands that the right combination of people, create the right kind of magic. Case in point: For Cassette's anthem "Working Man's Hero", a tale of everyday life in America from his forthcoming debut album The Invisible Man, he put together country legend Willie Nelson with hip hop heavyweight Mos Def. Brilliant, you say?! Yet most people thought he was crazy. To Cassette, however, it was a no brainer,

"To me they represent the working man in their respective genres more than anyone," he says, adding "my mentality is to do whatever I have to do to get my point across, whether I'm rapping, singing, playing guitar or the piano."

Speaking the truth, giving hope and making good, honest music underscores Cassette's musical journey and artistic evolution. He wrote all of the tracks on The Invisible Man, a collection of 12 fresh, vibrant tracks slated for release early next year (2010) and also produced most of them.

"The album is the story of a kid who grew up in L.A., right in the backyard of the entertainment industry, but never really knew what was going on in that area," he says. "I went unnoticed for a long time, but now I'm telling my story through my music and challenging the status quo of what music is and where it's at right now."

Although Cassette loves the first single off The Invisible Man, entitled "DJ (Play My Shit)," which is quickly catching on in the clubs, he admits that the fun, ultra-kinetic "White Limousine" is his favorite track on the album. "I like the energy it brings and I like the idea of escape," he admits. "A lot of my music and themes are about transcending reality. I captured the idea of jumping into the White Limousine and having the ultimate party."

The Invisible Man also showcases his honest, lyrical depth. From dealing with gold-diggers in "All She Wants," to love-and-pain in "Heartbroken," Cassette skillfully guides the listener on a visual and emotional road trip. On "World Is A Ghetto," featuring Eve, he goes even deeper. He discusses the environment where he grew up, the eastside of Los Angeles, in a fertile gang and crime infested neighborhood known as Echo Park.

These combined elements make Cassette the truly unique, artistic entity that he is. He is indeed a product of his environment, and his experiences are most definitely the roadmap marking his soul. He's a standout artist, an innovator, and a supreme originator. "I want to take listeners somewhere completely different," he says. "I want to make them forget about everything else that's going on around them so that when they come back to reality, they're like Man that was crazy. I want them to feel like that all the time."

The Benny Cassette movement is here. Get Ready.


World Is Ghetto ft. Eve

Written By: Benny Cassette

Day’s getting started out on the block,
10 in the morning it’s already hot,
See all the gangsters, see all the cops,
Streets are in balance, that never stops,
Known all the dealers since we were kids,
Some moved to heaven some doing bids,
That’s just a day in life of the struggle,
Nightmares of hustling dreams just to bubble,
All that I got is my word and my brothers,
Most of us raised by a strong single mother,
Planning an exodus out to the suburbs,
Let’s make the world run for cover,

The world is a ghetto
Where the good is happening and the bad is happening
The world is a ghetto
Where the good is happening and the bad is happening

Living in the ghetto,
Living in the ghetto
Living in the ghetto
Living in the ghetto,

Out on the corner, we bustin raps,
That’s getting boring bust out the craps,
Johnnie is winning guess cuz he’s strapped,
Willie is back from a year in Iraq,
Says they got ghettos right in Baghdad,
Kids just like us out on the ave,
I guess it makes sense; the world is the same,
Ghettos ain’t specially made for LA,
Thugs are just thugs here in the gutter,
Poverty don’t give a damn about your color,
That’s all we know so we know not to suffer,
And Jesus is running for cover,


This is the land of have nots,
Less books then we got crack rocks,
Black glocks replacing lap tops,
And kids will fight and slap box,
At every Sunday service,
In all these ghetto churches,
Lolos and lines of hearses,
Prayers for help are mixed with curses,

If it wasn’t for the hood I wouldn’t be the chick I am now,
So many things I learned from good to bad to putting it down,
My hip-hop is from that been writing these rhymes,
The ghetto, the muse for reciting these lines,
Yeah I never thought I couldn’t always knew that I could,
No I was never told I shouldn’t when I knew that I should,
Be what I wanna be and you can do the same trust,
Cuz it ain’t nothing he hit us with the same touch,
And yeah I know it get’s hard like you can’t get out,
But I’m the proof of it, trust the words that come out my mouth,
E-V-E, we all the same and I need you to know,
It wouldn’t be no me without the ghetto.

[Chorus out]

Constant Sorrow

Written By: Benny Cassette

“Constant Sorrow”

In constant sorrow, all through his days
What I gotta do to get a piece of the pie
I got my hands up high
Tryin to reach the sky
Ohhhh, ohhhh
In constant sorrow, all through his days
What I gotta do to get a piece of the pie
I got my hands up high
Tryin to reach the sky
Ohhhh, ohhhh
In constant sorrow, all through his days

Life can be filled with so many let downs
Sometimes I wish, that I could be checked out
Take the elevator up past the top floor
Then I‘d be stuck knockin on heavens locked door
My back’s to the wall
I’m tryin to make a livin
My friends are making millions
And that’s got me sicken
So many songs, I feel like the beatles
If music was a drug, I’d have an arm full of needles
My Blackberry’s silent, nobody’s callin
Alicia’s got nothing on the way I’m fallin
So I go to sleep and pray that tomorrow
Won’t be filled with the constant sorrow


(I’m am man, in a constant sorrow
I’ve seen trouble, all my life)

And I’m stuck between a rock and the hardest place
If you saw me record you’d see the hardest face
Think I’m rich but you’d laugh at what an artist makes
That’s why I hustle so hard cuz I’m starved for cake
I know I can’t quit cuz the game is sick
A bunch of ringtone rap about girls that strip
And I can’t pay my rent
That’s just half of it
At least girls still jock cuz I’m passionate
Maybe I should sell-out
Just rap and quit
Write songs about pimpin and the ass I get, noooo

I go to sleep and pray that tomorrow
Won’t be filled with the constant sorrow

[Chorus x 2]

[Bridge x 4]
I’m tryin not to lose my head, ohhh

Life can be filled with so many let downs
Sometimes I wish, that I could be checked out
Take the elevator up past the top floor
Then I‘d be stuck knockin on heavens locked door

[Chorus x 2]



The Invisible Man Full length LP - One Recordings 2010
Watch Your Back - Fast and Furious Movie and Soundtrack
Be On Time - 2 Fast 2 Furious Movie
Burning - The Perfect Score Movie
Ballad Of Benny - The OC Television Show (Fox)
Rebel Rising - Entourage Television Show (HBO)
Lala Song - Nip Tuck Televison Show (FX)
Original music - FX Network Movie campaign
Wake Up - Justice League Video Game
Bogey Boys theme song - Warner Bros. Television
Fastlane, Money, - Hawthorne (TNT Network)
Transition music - Enoturage Television Show (HBO, current season)
Original Music - Protege sneaker commercial


DMX - Cradle to the Grave Soundtrack - Sony Music
EVE - Here I Am (to be released) -Geffen Records
SHAKIRA - Animal City (B side/remix) - Sony Records
RY CUMMING - (to be released) - Jive Records
COMMON FEATURING WIL I AM- I Want You (remix) - Geffen Records
THE PROCUSSIONS full length LP - Rawkus/Sony Records
GHOSTFACE KILLAH - Milk 'Em - Def Jam Records
PACIFIC DIVISION - (to be released) Universal Records
DOUG E FRESH - Dollars (to be released)
WILLIE NELSON - Working Man's Hero' (to be released)
KODI HILL - (to be released) Jive Records
THE TWINZ - (to be released)
GIRLZ GIRLZ GIRLZ - (to be released) Wil I Am/Interscope Records
TARA ELLIS - Full length LP - Crimson World Music
ANDY GRAMMER Full length LP - Crimson World Music
QUEST- EP - Crimson World Music
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LAX BOYZ - Several songs, full length LP - One Recordings
KUMASI - Party Like A Rich Girl - Black Wall Street Music
DAVID JORDAN - Jeaolousy - Mercury Records
SWEET 88 - Several songs, full length LP - Independent
MAMS TAYLOR ft SNOOP DOGG Girl Gotta Girlfriend - Fontana/Universal
MAMS TAYLOR - Full length LP featuring T-PAIN, FAT JOE, GAME, LIL KIM,
E-40, PAPA ROACH, and ROBBIE WILLIAMS - Fontana/Universal
ESMEE DENTERS - Tennman/Interscope

Set List

White Limousine
DJ Play My Song
World Is A Ghetto
Only Way Is Up