Benny Mayhem

Benny Mayhem

 Rugby, England, GBR

Australia's folk-punk troubadour!


Reflecting his punk rock roots, Benny Mayhem plays the kind of folk music that resonates strongest with rocknroll fans: fast, energetic and catchy. Sharing a kindred spirit with Irish rebel songs and colonial Australian folk, Benny Mayhems music steers away from the sullen introspection of contemporary singer-songwriter stuff, and is more aimed at getting pubs full of drinkers on their feet and singing.

Best known in Perth as the front-man of electrifying rock band Project Mayhem (hence the nickname), Benny has spent the past year writing and touring on his own satiating not only his need to perform, but also his desire to see Australia by foot. An avid bushwalker, Bennys adult life as a travelling minstrel has taken him to remote places in his pursuit of the great Australian landscape, and his songs reflect this love of Australia as much as they are the result of a youth spent listening to punk rock. Benny sings about the places he has been and the people he has met, wrapping them up in tunes that stomp and sway like sea shanties.

Although hanging up the acoustic guitar once Project Mayhem kicked off, Benny started performing and recording his solo stuff in 1997, releasing his first demo, Deflated Clown, in 2001. A strange, almost garage rock take on solo acoustic music, the demo spawned Bennys trademark sound of vocals and guitars layered and panned in an almost psychedelic manner. One-man gang-vocals atop a six-armed guitarist. Back in solo mode, Benny will be writing, recording and touring like nobodys business throughout 2013, juicing up his brain around the country and then pouring it back into his music.

As a traveller and as a troubadour, Benny Mayhem is unique... a folk singer playing punk rock, hitting the road in pursuit of an almost Hunter S Thompson existence. His music, his lyrics and his approach to performing live are absolutely in the name of fun. His is music to sink beers, shake your arse and sing along to.


Deadline Blues

Written By: Ben Watson

I work too hard, it's a fact - I'll never get this time back - but we're going to press in the morning. My mind it feels hazy, my body feels lazy; gotta press on 'til the dawning...

Bulwer Street Waltz

Written By: Ben Watson

I will tell you a tale of a Saturday night that went on for months 'cause it just felt so right :-)


Written By: Ben Watson

"Kinjarling" is, by all accounts, the Noongar name for the area surrounding Albany, on the Western Australian south coast. It means "Place Of Rain" - an apt description. It is an area of great spiritual gravity for me.

I grew up by the water on the unforgiving coast...


Benny Mayhem - Still Broke & Not Quite Sane [demo LP, 2012, unreleased]

Ben Watson - Deflated Clown [EP, 2000, Blazing Strumpet Records]

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