Benny Sings

Benny Sings


'Light pop melodies with groovy jazzy chordage'


Looking back on the life of Benny Sings’ :
June 2003: Dutch release of the debut album Champagne People positively reviewed by the ciritcs:
“Prince and Stevie Wonder quotes stand gracefully next to airy pop melodies and jazzy chords that could easily have come from Steely Dan... This is the kind of repertoire that Hall and Oats would die for. Benny Sings has made a record which is as original as it is commercial, and that’s a rarity” (de Volkskrant review).
summer Benny was featured at the biggest open air festivals of the Netherlands: Lowlands & Uitmarkt Amsterdam
Early 2004: Benny won the Dutch Essent Award for young music talent;
Gigs with Noorderslag festival and clubs followed
Spring: Belgian release of Champagne People.
Summer: The song ‘Champagne People’ appears in a Dove chocolate advert;
A vinyl release of Champagne People is released worldwide on the label Kindred Spirits/Rushhour..
*) In addition to his ‘Benny Sings’ solo project, Tim van Berkestijn continues to act as composer and producer in the soul band ‘Heavenly Social ‘ with Miss Dee. Van Berkestijn composes the song Beggars for Sun for the solo album Cereal of C-mon, and he remixes for the Only Child project on Grand Central (UK). In addition, he creates soundtracks for several theatrical plays and feature film projects.

Different from the debut album Champagne People, which was conceived and executed in the quiet focus of Benny’s home studio, the second album, I Love You, is recorded live in the Amsterdam venue, the Bimhuis. Benny wrote the music on the way to his next commitment* and he arranged the new songs live on stage with the band. “The first album was in fact the beginning of a new life, Benny says “Before Champagne People and during my studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, my life and music mostly took place in my mind. After Champagne People, things started happening and I got busy living it. And this album is the celebration of that: a tribute to the here and now and to the lightness of my new existence.”

When his first album came out, Benny Sings was compared to various legends in the history of pop. “People gave me Tod Rundgren, Hall & Oats and The Alessi Brothers records because they heard a resemblance. But I hardly listen to music these days- except in preparation for the gig at the Bimhuis when I did study the perfection of Baccarach’s songs.”

I Love You is a selection of feel-good songs with a hint of the occasional hang-over. A remarkable and refreshing demonstration of pop music devoid of weird sound effects or complicated bass riffs that detract from the catchy melodies. Benny explains “the music has no second thoughts or edges and no rebellion, except against the rebels. For this CD, we wasted little thought or energy on coming up with a style. We were just busy with the challenge of writing music and lyrics that added up to a complete and fulfilling pop song.”

Thus Benny Sings created I Love You, the sequel to Champagne People. In the second album Benny collaborated again with co-producer Bart Suèr. Suèr finds it inspiring to work with Benny: “For a young musician to play these slow-beat and relaxed songs shows a particular confidence. When we re-arranged Champagne People into a live act with a band (drums, bass, keyboards, backing vocals and a horn section), we felt the test of winning the audience over with this cool-tempo. It became Benny Sings’ successful trademark. And even though the live gig I Love You uses more and bigger tempo changes, the party songs are still relaxed and smiling.” Benny adds, grinning ironically: “Playing live did change my music and changed me as a person too. On stage with a mic and then the applause… it’s the perfect cure for depression.”


Little Donna

Written By: Benny Sings

Little Donna

little Donna
ooh you're the one I
wanna run to
ooh little Donna

and if you wanna
let's get this on a
'cause little Donna
ooh you're the one I

Let's for now pretend
that you're the one I wanna
yes I'm sure that you can join me in this trend
then I'm the you wanna
yes I'm sure we can pretend
and play this game
the "I'm the one you wanna"
like we did before
so will you come and play
ooh little Donna
yes I'm sure we can pretend

let's take all we can
and do all the things we wanna
'cause we both know that this love we had will end
'till the end of summer
until it's June again
but for now the plan is to do all the things we wanna
like we did before
and I know that when it ends
ooh little Donna
yes I'm sure we can be friends

All I wanna do
is be with you
I know for now that all my feelings are true
so all I wanna do
is be with you
for all of July

So Light

Written By: Benny Sings

So light

I can't forget
the way she used to be
'cause when she smiled
the whole world seemed so light

maybe I might
forget the way she lied
but when she smiled
the whole world seemed so light

I can't recall the way she kissed
or how she held my hand
and I never think about her laugh
or ‘bout the way we danced
oh I don’t remember many things
so they won’t make me sad
but there is just one thing
I cannot get out of my head

Make a Rainbow

Written By: Benny Sings

Fresh cleansing rain of the North
warm hot sun of the South
make a rainbow
with twelve different colours
twelve new leaves will sprout
and dissolve the clouds

and when the night falls
we will unite all
and the blue sea and golden stars
will make us proud

pale wintersun
is a beauty for some
nightingale's song
is a beauty for some
pale wintersun
is a beauty for some
but now that you're gone
it has lost its beauty for one


CD & vinyl- Champagne People
CD & vinyl I Love You, live at the bimhuis

Set List

Setlist consisting of original Benny Sings repertoire
max. 90 minutes