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Benny S

Melbourne, FL | Established. Jan 01, 1992 | INDIE

Melbourne, FL | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1992
Solo R&B Soul


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"Discover the world of Benny S with a song called Let It Go"

At all times, being seen has been the goal of many people whether they have a message to pass or not. For reasons as diverse as each other, everyone feels the need to seek and enjoy his famous quarter of an hour of glory that would represent for some, the only opportunity to shine. This is one of the reasons why social networks have been very successful for many years now. They give everyone the opportunity to show themselves and / or to showcase their talent to a wide audience. But this way of using the internet automatically drifts on the phenomenon of Stalking - harassment in French - which can also mean to spy on a user. That's what we're talking about in Let It Go,Spotify .

The artist we have just discovered is not the latest to arrive in the music industry since the British born and raised in Barbados already has a long experience that many artists could envy. A track titled Victim Of The Game ranked first in the International Indie Charts, first games for Shyheim (Wu-Tang Clan), Rick Ross, Tony Bennett and so on, Benny S is not yet known to us but he already enjoys a good popularity symbolized by his success on social networks.

Musically, nothing to say, Benny S knows his art and excels in this one. We had the opportunity to browse his music catalog to learn a little more and we did not get disappointed. Indeed, everything is perfect and it is rare that we expressed ourselves in this way. The songs are very well done, the productions worthy of the greatest, no lack of taste, we have to do here to a mature artist who only waiting for his time to make his creations heard to a wider audience. In this wave of praise that we express, it is necessary to point out all the same the choice of the artistic direction which is a party price which will appeal to amateurs of good rap that we are since many years but which we think could pass to side of the new generation. Case to follow .. One thing is certain, With the music of Benny S is a nice musical interlude that will get you out of a sometimes heavy musical routine. Special mention to Whatever She Wants, a song in duet with SLI, because for us who are also fond of 90's r & b music in early 2000, it is always good to listen to a vocal arrangement and lines of songs.

Nous n’allons pas trop nous pencher sur les thèmes abordés par l’artiste car notre niveau d’anglais ne nous permet pas ce luxe mais je vous invite à découvrir sans plus tarder l’univers de Benny S avec Let It Go. N’hésitez pas à suivre l’artiste sur lés réseaux sociaux non pas pour le stalker mais pour vous tenir informés de son actualité artistique. - Iggy Magazine

"Interview with multi-talented artist Benny S"

Benny S pops on the scene writing, singing and arranging all his own lyrics, vocals and harmonies. His hit song “Victim Of The Game” was #9 on the European Indie Charts for 2016. His newer releases “Trust aka KCCO” charted there as well as “Keep It Together feat. S.L.I”. Pandora Radio was so impressed by his music that they gave him his own station. He now has over 1,000,000 spins making him a Platinum indie artist on Pandora Radio.

We are sharing our recent interview with him.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?

Benny S: I started singing in church in Barbados when I was around 9. The choir director noticed I was able to figure out the harmonies and sing in tenor, baritone and soprano and I became the only child that he let sing in the adult choir. After coming to the U.S I was picked up by Mavis Neal, one of the original managers of New Edition and Joe Pet, drummer to Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?

Benny S: The likes of Brian McKnight, Seal, Boyz II Men & Pretty Ricky have always influenced my vocals and harmonies. I’ve also been signed thru Universal, Sony and other majors before I realized I could do this on my own.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release “Let It Go” (Creepin’)?

Benny S: I wrote that in response to those being stalked on social media… I have seen first hand the effects of it… and yes it occurs to and from both sexes… ironically this was written prior to the #MeToo movement, but any time is brought up… that’s what I’ve heard.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?

Benny S: Better than I thought honestly… 31K Spotify streams later I have witnessed this song get picked up on the radio on some FM radio stations in the U.S. and overseas and still going strong.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?

Benny S: I love both honestly, but there is nothing like seeing your supporters mouthing the lyrics to the song you wrote.. greatest feeling in the world.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?

Benny S : R&B It’s what I grew up on.

Twist Online : Have you set some target to achieve as a music artist?

Benny S : To be a part of next year’s Grammys and to be in the Billboard Charts. Being around labels has taught me the blue print of what needs to be done to get there and i will be on the charts this year. Just watch. They Grammys are already aware of me… Have the emails to prove it… and I’ll leave it at that… - Twisted Online

"Benny S - "Stand Up" ft. S.L.I, J-Dill & Shyheim"

"Benny S collabbed with S.L.I of Da Tribe to create this banger with Shyheim before he got sent up for 14 years... As fans of Wu-Tang, We felt it necessary to keep the legacy alive and bless the public with his presence - Desert Storm Radio

"Introducing Benny S"

Something in store for every music lover. Here arrives Benny S, the popular musician. Benny S is the talk of the nation for his extra ordinary and creative music approach. He has been known for the popular numbers such as Victim of Da Game (#9 song on the Euro Indie Music Charts for 2016), Earn What I Got, In Ur Eyes, etc Benny has recently sealed a deal with Da Tribe Inc/Sugo Music Group/Sony Music. He has also created a remarkable song, “Trust aka KCCO” in tribute to his favourite app The Chive. A way of life… not just an app. Benny S has been living music for a decade and discovered his passion way back, which he is now dedicated to let the world know about. The fan following has grown tremendously and his social media [@BennySings] is watching him closely. He has over 363k music views on reverbnation. He was also chosen as one of the 3% of independent artists to get his own Pandora Radio station where he is already at 1,000,000 spins. With more than 1/4 million of those belonging to “In Ur Eyes”. Benny S has restarted his journey joining the local hip hop group known as “Da Tribe” and accomplished this due to continuous grind and soulful music. A great musician always carries unconditional love for the arts and songwriting, which takes him far. The undying love for music keeps the fire burning that’s exactly what Benny S Music is all about. That’s exactly when a star is born and a soul gets the reason to live. - Artist Rack

"Benny S - Let it Go Creepin'"

Smoke Dat and then Let It Go! Dis be real R&B with all the harmonious vocal thrills of a pro! Much Respect! - Hood Tales


Cradle 2 da Grave feat. F.O.D. / J-Dill / S.L.I
Earn I What I Got feat. J-Dill / S.L.I
Getcha Mack On
Getcha Mack On feat. Nunsimala
Girl of My Dreams
Haters feat. J-Dill / Joshy / S.L.I / Hollo Tipz
I Can't Breathe feat. J-Dill / S.L.I
If U Real feat. J-Dill / Kerron Marcyano / S.L.I / Vigilante
In Ur Eyes
In Your Eyes
Keep It Together feat. S.L.I
Let It Go (Creepin')
My Heart Belongs 2 U
Never Saw U Comin'
Never Saw You Comin'
New Breed feat. S.L.I
On da Rise feat. J-Dill / S.L.I
Step Up feat. J-Dill / Joshy / S.L.I
Trust (aka KCCO)
V.I.P. feat. J-Dill / Joshy / S.L.I / Vigilanty
Victim of Da Game
Victim of the Game
Whatever She Wants feat. J-Dill / S.L.I
Stand Up feat. S.L.I, J-Dill



Benny S pops on the scene writing, singing and arranging all his own lyrics, vocals and harmonies. His hit song "Victim Of The Game" was #9 on the European Indie Charts for 2016. His newer releases "Trust aka KCCO" charted there as well as "Keep It Together feat. S.L.I". Pandora Radio was so impressed by his music that they gave him his own station. He now has over 1,000,000 spins making him a Platinum indie artist on Pandora Radio.

Benny S has toured with Shyheim (Wu-Tang Clan) with whom both he and Da Tribe have songs and has opened for artists ranging from Frankie Valley and Tony Bennett to Rick Ross, Shontelle Layne and Ace Hood.

"Let It Go" (Creepin') was written in response to those being stalked on social media... a very prevalent issue inspired by real life events and is being well received thus far as well. Those listening to the lyrics have been making it part of the "#MeToo" and #TimesUp movement.

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