Benny Volance

Benny Volance


It’s not so much what Benny says as how he says it. You won’t find Benny moaning on about how his girlfriend left him and broke his heart because,frankly, who cares? These hilarious songs are about street violence, binge drinking, manufactured pop groups, the inanities of small town life.


Benny plays a 10 string guitar to create a unique sound that is fleshed out by the other instruments. The music often blends various styles together, but when done right there is an original catchy radio friendly song at the core of the composition.

Wide range of influences William Shatner, Ivor Cutler, lots of cheesy jazz styles and country styles.


Latest album "That's What I'm Talkin' About"

Set List

Set is as long as necessary.

Some self titles are:

Muppet/ Nolan Sisters Got it Right/Menosado/ 7 Down is Mongoose/ Why Do I?/ Shegonnabe/ Wash Me down / droudhuh Blaise/ Gods Kitchen/ Second Nature/ Maria Maria

Covers include Status Quo " Whatever You Want"
Van Halen's " Jump"
Beatles "Hey Jude"
Johhny Cash duet with Mrs Carter Cash " Jackson"