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Echuca, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Echuca, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Blues Acoustic




"Benny Walker - Summer Sun EP (2011)"

When listening to Benny Walker's Summer Sun EP for the first time, one could be forgiven for making the obvious comparisons to another Aussie acoustic-pop soloist by the name of Pete Murray, or even Jack Johnson. If you were to jump to such conclusions then I implore you to take some time and have a second listen to this EP. Where the likes of Murray and Johnson come off sounding like one trick ponies, Walker will keep you guessing. Where the aforementioned lack substance and originality, Walker has it in spades.
This is a remarkably well rounded EP by the singer/songwriter from Echuca. The fact that it was produced on a DIY budget makes it all the more special. One of the highlights on the five track EP is the opening number, "Til You're Gone". With its driving instrumentation and velvety melodies, this kind of track will have the likes of John Mayer quaking in their boots. Be warned Mayer, Benny Walker is coming for your crown. This is thought evoking pop music at its best. Think Josh Pyke and you'd be somewhere close to the mark.
The title track "Summer Sun" is the standout. What a corker of a song to close the EP. This is a track that could easily sit alongside the great driving songs and would feel right at home on the next volume of Best BBQ & Beer Songs – the track screams summer! Complete with guitar solo, one definitely gets a vivid image of driving on the open highway, window down, and singing this track at the top of your lungs.
As I finish this review, the rain and wind kick into high gear on another cold mid-Autumn night in Melbourne. If, like me, you find yourself yearning for a bit of warmth, download a copy of the Summer Sun EP from iTunes – it will definitely keep you warm for the next couple of months.
Review score: 8/10 - The AU Review

"Walking On The Sun"

Summer Sun – the new EP from southern singer-songwriter Benny Walker – is, as its name suggests, perfect for this time of year. Walker has cobbled together a release that features five memorable tracks that mine the depths of soul, reggae and acoustic folk music. Walker has been hard at it developing his sound of late, refining his songwriting and live performing skills and growing his fanbase as he goes. His self-titled debut released back in 2008 was a fine piece of work, but this new release kicks things up to the next level. Walker is making his way up north over New Years to show us his skills; you can catch him at the Woodford Folk Festival from Monday Dec 27 through to Saturday Jan 1 and at the Music Kafe on Monday Jan 3. - Time Off

"Benny Walker"

Echuca, Victoria - the town best known for it's old time paddle steamers ferrying all and sundry along the waters of the might Dungala (Murray River), through the lands of the Yorta Yorta people - can add a new attraction to it's list.

His name is Benny Walker. He's been likened to Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Donovan Frankenreiter and Dan Sultan., but in reality he doesn't need to be labelled. He needs to be booked, his CDs purchased... and you need to get to his gigs.

You won't be dissapointed. I most certainly wasn't when I saw his performance at the Woodford Folk Festival.

I watched the way he commandeered an audience from off the festival streets, filling the First Nations venue in an almost trance-like state, mesmerised by the young man on stage who had the sound of a full band and the conviction of a preacher who's just testified.

Sam Cook


- Tracker Magazine

"Benny Walker - Through The Forest"

"These songs will seep deep inside without you even noticing, only to unexpectedly hit you, and hit hard."

Pete Laurie
4 stars

With hints of country, gospel, soul, blues and even some sexed-up sax, Walker manages to take Through The Forest in infinite directions, while always keeping his rootsy foundations in sight.

This mightn’t be the kind of record that reaches out and grabs you straightaway, but I don’t think it’s supposed to. These songs will seep deep inside without you even noticing, only to unexpectedly hit you, and hit hard, after the fact. And it’s that kind of covert impact that makes it worth plenty of re-listens, as you dig deeper, finding more each time. -

"Album Review Benny Walker - Through The Forest"

What do you get when you mix a true blue Aussie, with Americana rock and understated cool? What about when you mix Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer? Roots, folk and blues? The answer to all of the above is Benny Walker, and his latest LP Through The Forest.

Through The Forest is his follow up record to acclaimed 2012 Sinners & Saints and slightly darker and more somber in both content and overall feel. As the title suggests, the records overarching message is one of surviving a battle, of fighting your way through tough times and coming out the other side victorious. About making it Through The Forest. Ah. In a deeply personal and honest account, one of the lingering themes in the gentle melodies Benny Walker presents is self deprecation. The subtlety in somber tracks like Now That I Am Broken and No Refunds nudging this message the most. In contrast, opening and title track Through The Forest and the twinkling Time play with echoey guitars and nostalgic country vibes, ticking those boxes nicely. The relaxed, suave and sexy cool of Don’t Cut Me Down is upped by new single The Fool, the latter the jazziest on the record with an awesome introduction of backing singers reminiscent of Chain Of Fools or Give Me One Reason. A nod again to the support vocals in Will There Be A Light, with layered harmonies so beautiful I couldn’t get enough. Not that it’s needed – Walker’s vocal performance is astounding in itself. Closing the record out is Will I Know You, sounding like it came straight of a +Live+ record while Dear Hometown is exactly what you’d expect, a sweet love letter to home. The singer-songwriter from Echuca has produced not just a great collection of songs, but an album that feels like a complete of body work. One whole piece of art, with stirring messages and threads that link one song to the next. So this Bryan Adams/John Mayer/Bruce Springsteen type artist truly is the real deal. Doing it all while looking like a buff Matt Corby. And he’s touring. I’ll be at the bar. Or breaking into the dressing room. - Renowned for Sound

""Through The Forest" - Benny Walker"

I was captivated by Benny Walker when I heard his single “The Fool” a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve had the chance to listen to his latest album Through the Forest in its entirety I’m completely enamoured.
The title track is such a stunning introduction to this album. It feels epic and important, forcing you to sit up and pay attention. The following track, “Time,” sees the album settling into a gentler groove yet Benny somehow does that without losing intensity. It feels so seasoned, remarkably so for just his second album. Every song is exquisite and expertly crafted, so it’s so hard to pick favourites. But I loved the soulful sexiness of “Don’t Cut Me Down,” with its brassy instrumentation and Benny’s effortless falsetto. “No Refunds,” a song of longing for a love gone wrong, nearly brought me to tears.
They just don’t make music like this anymore. Through the Forest reminded me of a great album from an artist the calibre of Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, or Tom Petty. It has such a cool blend of rock, country, blues, and folk. My only complaint is that at just nine songs, it felt over far too soon.

Through the Forest is released on March 6 through Black Murphy Records. Remember that Benny’s supporting the album with the following shows. - Sounds Of Oz

"Benny Walker - Thornbury Theatre"

What: Benny Walker
When: 10 April
Where: Thornbury Theatre

Benny Walker, hailing from Echuca in northern Victoria, gave a mature and musically diverse performance for the launch of his new album, Through the Forest at the Thornbury Theatre on Friday night.

Drawing in the audience with a soulful delivery of the opening track, which lends its name to the album title, it became clear that Walker has veered onto a less conventional path. The song doesn’t follow the typical verse, bridge and chorus pattern, but had an almost hypnotising depth and sparseness that was well received by the intimate crowd.

Walker was clearly at ease, speaking throughout the show about the making of the album and joking good-naturedly about the tameness of the audience, who were seated at tables and had an average age around forty years old. He laughed, “I’ve played a lot of shit gigs to the back of people’s heads, so this is nice.”

The following ten songs covered almost the whole album, with a smattering of older material. The seven band members negotiated the diverse sounds with little difficulty, from the heavy, thumping ‘The Fool’ to the softer, more sentimental ‘Now That I Am Broken’. A huge highlight, however, was ‘Don’t Cut Me Down’, played later in the set and featuring some seriously funky work from the saxaphonist.

Judging by the on-stage banter and broad grins across the faces of the backing band, it seemed they were enjoying themselves just as much as their front man. Benny made a point of thanking them, as well as all involved in the album.

Closing the set with an energetic performance of ‘Push On Through’ from his previous album, Walker managed to rouse the audience into an impressive display of appreciation. ‘Hold On’, followed by ‘Summer Sun’ concluded the hour-long show, but not without Walker first inviting his band members each to break loose for a solo moment in front of the crowd, which were received with raptures. Finally, he thanked the audience and invited everyone for a meet and greet after the show.

The 30 year-old’s overt graciousness may have been due to the slightly older demographic and more formal setting of the theatre, however it reflected his maturity and earnestness as a performer. While at times it felt like the band were handed the reigns, Walker stood his own as a performer and displayed his brilliance on both electric and acoustic guitars, as well as the adaptability of his voice.

Taking a risk with more experimental sounds and honest lyrics could very well pay off for this talented local artist. - Planet Arts Melbourne


"Sinners & Saints" Album (Black Murphy Records/MGM)

"Summer Sun" EP. (Available on iTunes)

"Benny Walker" Self-titled album. (Available on iTunes)

"No Cares" EP



A Yorta Yorta man from Echuca, Benny Walker is the real deal and a star in the making. His killer voice and epic tales are mixed with a deep groove and passion for the land. Recent offerings SAVE and Oh No You Don’t shot to No. 1 on the AMRAP charts; the latter earning him four NIMA 2016 nominations and the award for “Best Aboriginal Talent” at The Age Music Victoria Awards. His latest songs produced by JanSkubiszewski mix Blues and Roots with a contemporary guitar driven soul vibe. Benny Walker has performed alongside some of Australia’s finest, including Archie Roach, Alex Lloyd, Blue King Brown and Tim Rogers.