Ben Olson

Ben Olson

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN


With the recording of his new solo record, Ben Olson continues his tradition of uncommon musical productivity and output. Since 2009, he has released records with his now-deceased band, On The Brink (2009’s Take Cover,) as well as a seven inch and full length with his follow up outfit, The Old Sins. 2011’s Like a Steady Heartbeat, received a 4.5 out of 5 rating from, calling it a “must have album destined for repeated listening,” and likened Olson’s trademark voice as that of a “gravel gargling honky-tonk angel.” Now, preparing to record and release his solo debut With Nothing Framed (on new Edmonton-based label, Manatees and Jack-O-Lanterns,) Olson will continue to expand into new genres, and more importantly, new parts of the country and continent that he’s never seen before.

On The Brink toured throughout Canada and The United States, and The Old Sins embarked on three Canadian tours before even releasing their debut album. Olson has performed alongside notable acts such as Chuck Ragan, Lagwagon, Only Crime and many others, but there is only the future in sight for the man who was “born in a town where all you do is die” (from The Old Sins’ song, ‘The Songs I Love To Hear.’) Armed with a harmonica, mandolin and his ever-growing guitar collection, Olson enters the studio in February to lay down the record he will be supporting across Canada throughout the spring and summer of 2012. And when that final day comes, and his diminutive (the basis for his violent anthem ‘5 foot 7’), tattoo-covered corpse is lowered into the ground, he can rest knowing he covered as much ground as possible.


All releases can be heard at the Ben Olson bandcamp.

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