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"Present Magazine"

The Aftermath: Be/Non and Architects Photographs 3rd Anniversary Party
Story by Pete Dulin. Photography by Todd Zimmer.
Published: Monday, September 8, 2008

Brodie Rush, the mastermind orchestrator and Be-Non frontman, led the quartet dressed in matching attire through a raucous set. The outfits were kind of Devo meets space convict meets high school janitor gray jumpsuit action. With guitarist Jeremiah James (formerly with Lovers in Transit) riding guitar like the Silver Surfer, Ryan Shank (formerly with Golden Republic, Lovers in Transit) pounding out epic beats, and Ben Ruth (also in Grand Marquis) whomping out rhythm on bass, Rush wowed audiences with his high-intensity showmanship and impressive songs. The band perfomed new material in a sci-fi progressive vein that hints at what is to come from the forthcoming album, A Mountain of Yeses, scheduled for release this fall along with a video component. The music features songs with multiple percussion where James also bangs on a drum, brass notes lighting up the aural landscape from Ruth, and synth riding the wave of hard-driving rock. It's hard to pin down this sound, but it's original, inventive, and ballsy. Imagine Brodie Rush and crew receiving outer space signals beamed by the ghost of Frank Zappa, Bryan Ferry, and Jean Michel Jarre from a space station. Or better yet, listen to cuts on Be/Non's MySpace page until their show at the recordBar on October 3.
- Present Magazine

"Wayward Blog"

Wayward Blog KC

Brodie Rush, tenacious leader of Be/Non -- the band of which he's famously the only original member and of which everyone else in town is an ex-member -- posted a MySpace bulletin today drawing fans' attention to two brand new songs from his newly rebuilt (again) band. In the band this time: Jeremiah James Gonzales, ex Elevator Division and Lovers in Transit; Ryan Shank, ex Golden Republic and Lovers In Transit; and Ben Ruth, who was in the previous incarnation of Be/Non and is also in Overstep and the Grand Marquis.

Head to to preview new songs from the group's upcoming album A Mountain of Yeses.

Good Christ, what I've heard so far is incredible, and I'm only halfway through the second song on the page, "Passion for Displacement," which starts out with a freakish quivering forest of analog keyboard over rolling toms like the work of some kind of forgotten '70s Spanish prog band then pops into a disco Roxy Music debauch with horns. God. Damn - The Pitch


'Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal' "7 1996, 'You're Playing With Children In The Land Of The Bugs' LP 1997, 'Meet The Person Most Responsible For Your Safety' EP 1998, 'Freedom Palace' LP 2006, 'A Mountain Of Yeses' LP 2009, 'A Mountain Of Yeses' FILM 2009.



We played our first Be/Non show in 1994. Time passed, we changed and we grew. As we grew, our tastes matured, and our palate cleansed, nearly twenty-two times over. Complexity, simplified. But what does all this really mean? You will find the answer in our latest album, “A MOUNTAIN OF YESES” on Unipegadong Records. The concept record doubles as the soundtrack to an upcoming feature film of the same title. We are all very excited about it and can’t wait to show it to you. Teasers await. Lets just chill out sometime. We can talk and we can watch and listen, together.
Yellow Be/Non