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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band R&B


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Ben One is back with a new single, Beat It like a Drum, and he is bringing Twista to band practice with him. The up tempo beat, catchy hook, and Twista’s tongue-twisting verse is guaranteed to make all ages dance to it.
This catchy single is subliminally referring to sexual rendezvous without being vulgar or offensive to any gender or race. He is able to convey a message to the Rated G, P13 and R audiences which puts the record in a unique category of its own.

Ben One and Twista shot the video for Beat It like a Drum in their hometown, “The Windy City” to pay homage to their birthplace and the city that has produced many stars. The video coincides with the title of the song by showcasing a band of beautiful women and Ben One as the drum major.
Ben One is bringing Chicago back in the lime light by dropping hit after hit including his singles, “Never Leave My Girl” featuring Shawna and “My Eyes”. When asked what sets him apart from the rest, he replies by saying that he is one of few R&B artists that writes his own music and produces his own beats.

Ben One has been on the music scene for a while but he is definitely making his presence known and demanding the respect he rightfully deserves. Be on the lookout for his new Mixtape, Your Body, which will be available for purchase on ITunes and Amazon.

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"Ben One-My Eyes"

Ah, the imagination—the stem of all human creativity and innovation. Whether it’s a new color of paint for a room, a new pair of shoes to match an outfit, or things of a more sensual nature, the imagination can conjure it all up. On Ben One‘s new promo single, My Eyes, the Chicago singer describes a few fantasies that fall into the latter category. Many of you know Ben One from previously-featured single Never Leave My Girl and its Twista and Sly Polaroid-featuring remix; stylistically, not too much has changed, but fans of Ben’s Booth debut are are going to find very little to complain about here. The track opens with the chorus, complete with a piano-driven beat and a sugar-sweet vocal hook. On the verses, Ben and co-producer Emmaculate blend a reggae-influenced keyboard groove with some lush, synthesized swooshes, building up to a climactic bridge featuring some sultry female backing vocals. Rather than leaving this track to your imagination, I would suggest you don your headphones and experience it yourself—this cut comes highly recommended.

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- Dr. D

"Ben One ft Shawna "Never Leave My Girl""

DJBooth prides itself on being one of the first (legal) destinations to enjoy brand new music and discover never-before-heard-artists. However, in our never-ending quest to always feature the newest of the new, we sometimes overlook on-the-rise talent that sits just below the surface of our radar. Need an example? Well, how about Universal Republic signee Ben One. The Chicago native officially released his debut single, Never Leave My Girl, earlier this summer, but it wasn’t until after the single climbed nineteen spots on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop charts, though, that it caught our attention. Featuring emcee Shawnna and producer Emmaculate (both fellow Windy City natives), the record is set to appear on the singer’s forthcoming debut, tentatively titled The Book.

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- Dj Z

"Chicago's Ben One Is Ready For Spring Release"

Chicago native recording artist Ben One is ready to go big time.

After 14 years of singing and performing with his brothers in the group, Strong, Ben One is set to bring his self-entitled album to listeners this spring.

The 23-year-old artist talked about his music life with the Defender.

CD: Are you more comfortable in a group or solo?

BO: I’m more comfortable solo because just being in a group is a huge responsibility, and I can focus more on my craft (as a solo artist) than what I was able to a long time ago because I was basically the leader of (Strong).

CD: What made you be able to bounce back after the first two deals with RCA and Sony?

BO: I stuck at it, and my focus was to build my own team so if anything was to happen, I was stable enough to move around. I think that was an issue back in the past. I’m making better decisions now.

CD: How did you end up with Universal Records?

BO: They saw a radio play that me and my team got on our own, and they flew us out. They wanted to sign me the same day I got there…it was around June of 2008.

CD: How did your stepfather writing songs for blues legends like Tyrone Davis affect your musical career?

BO: From the age of 2, he had been around, and I would watch him play the piano. And my mother said that she sat me down, put the headphones on me, and I would just sit there hitting the keys for hours. She said she knew that I wanted to do music, so yes, he was a big influence for me.
- Chicago Defender


Still working on that hot first release.



Singer, Songwriter and Producer Ben One was a singing sensation even before he learned how to drive. At the age of 12, Ben One was already a recording artist who had sold 325,000 units with a hit single on the Billboard Top 100 Charts as a member of the group "Strong" who was signed to Un-D-Nyable Records .

Born and Raised on the South Side of Chicago, Ben One's love for music began at the age of 2 as he listened to the tunes his stepfather had created for the late blues legend Tyrone Davis. Using music as a therapy, Ben knew his voice was a gift and that he would eventually begin producing as well as arranging.

After being a member of "Strong", which was comprised of him and his 4 younger brothers, Ben One decided to pursue a solo career in 2004. Throughout his road to success, he encountered many roadblocks but he refused to let that stop him from reaching his destination.

In 2008 his hard work and dedication paid off when he wrote and recorded "Never Leave My Girl", which featured Def Jam recording artist Shawnna. The single created such an incredible response from fans and the music industry that he inked a deal with Universal Republic 3 months later. In 2009, he released yet another single "My Eyes" which also gained an enormous amount of recognition and is labeled as a hit song.

Due to the significant amount of radio spins, his ability to produce hit after hit, and his enormous fan base, Ben One has performed at over 2000+ shows around the world, been featured in print and broadcast media, and has been labeled one of the top up-and-coming R&B sensations.

When asked what inspires him to sing Ben responded by saying, "I write based on my day-to-day journey and make music that the people can relate to and grow with. I'm not making music to show that I'm a good singer , I'm making music to show I'm the complete package, and most importantly, to inspire others."

Many people try, but many people can t succeed at mastering a craft Ben One perfected years ago. He is not only a performer, he is an entertainer that has entertained thousands of people by just doing what he loves to do....SING. He is "THAT FUTUREBOY"!