Ben Pilgrim

Ben Pilgrim


75 or Less Records Recording artist's Ben Pilgrim and The Free Union offer a hard hitting sophisticated brand of americana that is litlting ,and catchy. With Ben Pilgrim's well crafted songs ,and the amazing back beat of the Free Union this band will have you thinking, rocking ,and headed home happy


A veteran of many a local band, Ben Pilgrim took his act solo in 2005. With a new love for folk and country blues and the punk of his teenage years still flowing in his veins, Ben would often be found in rock clubs and coffee houses alike, punching out catchy and thoughtful songs, aided only by his bluesy harmonica and heavy flat pick. In 2006, a chance meeting at a local hootenanny brought Ben Pilgrim together with the guitar genius of bluesman Blind Benny Tilken and the sweet harmonies of Mary Bee, both former members of the Bangor Beatles. Soon Blind Benny and Mary Bee summoned the rest of their former band mates. Upon their arrival, they all played songs for three days straight, ending with a drunken version of Woody Guthrie’s “Better World A-Coming.” Stumbling again and again over the line “We will all be union and we will all be free,” the band was for evermore known as the Free Union. Since that day, Ben Pilgrim and the Free Union Band have spent their days and nights traveling around playing to excited crowds far and wide.


1.) "rock out with your tail out" 75 or less records sampler ,released july 2006
2.)" 75 or less records 2007 sampler" ,release october 1 2007
3.)"the further adventures of ben pilgrim "ep on 75 or less records ,release october 19th 2007

Set List

Ben Pilgrim's set varies from half an hour to an hour or two depending on the show.These sets consist of many original songs as well a wide aray of covers from the great american songbook