Ben Pryer

Ben Pryer


Ben is a very talented, professional performer with an excellent stage presence having performed from a young age; and with extensive experience performing in all manner of set-ups; from Pub’s, Parties, Private Functions, Large Events & Venues- even busking on the street!


I first started playing guitar when I was nine, at primary school.

When I was 12, myself and three school friends formed a band, ‘Delirium’, and managed to persuade our head teacher to let us play in the school assembly. We we're primarily a Green Day tribute band, so it was very brave of her to agree! We did plenty of gigs together at school, plus a charity gig for Cancer Research. We we're also booked for some wedding reception's and house parties. We we're together for more than a year before splitting due to ‘musical differences’, and then went on to reform as two separate groups.

Myself and another band member then went on to form ‘Left Over Right’

I applied for a Busking License in 2009 and can still be seen playing occasionally in my home-town in the South Coast of England.

‘Left over Right’ disbanded in 2011 and I just carried on singing on my own, preferring now the more acoustic singer/songwriter route, and here I am!


Again & Again (EP) - Due Dec 2012

Set List

Individual, dependant on booking