Ben Purdom

Ben Purdom


Ben Purdom the almost legendary bedroom lo-fi folk junkie. Formed from the a moltov cocktail of artists such as John Prine, Elvis Costello, Will Oldham. He drank them all like water. He now finds himself standing shoulder to shoulder with Neutral Millk Hotel, Eliott Smith, and David Dondero.


Ben Purdom, a native Kentuckian following in the footsteps of fellow Frankfort-bred musician Archer Prewitt, has been playing music since he wrote his first song in his bedroom at the age of seven. Hammering out songs reminiscent of Jandeck, John Prine, and Elvis Costello, he formed his first band at the age of twelve and hasn't put a guitar down since. Currently living in Louisville, he is working on a hip-hop side project, has played in numerous rock bands, and is working on recording his album "Fawn" on the British record label Slow Pine.


Currently working on his first wide released album on the British Label Slow Pine.