Ben Reel

Ben Reel

 Newry, N Ireland, GBR

Ben Reel,s music is an exciting elcectic mix of Rock, roots,bluesy soul,influences from The Beatles to Neil Young to Van Morrison,his songs are of a heartfelt, soulful spiritual nature,and live the band are amazing,with some of the best musicians in Ireland in his band. This man is the real deal.


Ben Reel/ Bio/ Darkness And The Light 2013

A Stunning collection that confronts the everyday struggles of ordinary folk'.
-Maverick Magazine- June 2013

'Career highlight for south Armagh man, his best yet'
-Hotpress- April 2013 Colm O'Hare

"His energy & desire to communicate, to sing, is infectious, and the Armagh man's band rises to the challange. This is a meaty, mature, well produced album concerned with serious topics." - Joe Breen, Irish Times July 2013 -

" He's not afraid to throw in some in folk, soul, reggae vibes, which in turn call to mind John Hiatt at his best. "
-R2 Magazine by John Atkin July 2013- (4/5 stars)

Irish singer/songwriter Ben Reel released his 6th studio album on the 22nd April 2013 entitled “Darkness & The Light”. It includes 11 brand new songs. This will be the first record that he has recorded & produced in his own home studio in Co. Armagh. There will also be a special limited edition of the album available only on the website, which will include 5 bonus tracks.

Since his debut back in 1999, each album has gone from strength to strength, touching on different styles of music from rock,soul,blues, Alt Folk/Americana & with the occasional injection of reggae. This was highlighted on his 2012, 18 song best of album (Ben Reel 1999-2009 Compilation 10) released only as a limited edition for loyal fans to buy at gigs, also available on iTunes worldwide.

Ben’s music has evolved into an honest earthy sound that has matured like a fine wine and he has very much his own sound today. This can be heard on this new album.
Darkness & The Light is a powerful soulful album with deep meaningful lyrics and memorable epic anthemic songs, with strong melodies combined with imaginitive expansive arrangements. Recorded digitally but with an analog feeling of warmth. The songs deal with the fall out since the global economic crash. Also probing for spiritual meaning and balance between the Yin and the Yang, trying to find light, hope and healing in these troubled times. Serious songs from a serious artist in a serious moment in time.

In the last 10 years he has had numerous high profile TV & Radio appearances and airplay under his belt including Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 and has supported names like Jools Holland, Alabama 3, The Cranberries and appeared as a special guest at one of Hal Ketchum's shows in Dublin. He has performed his radio hit ‘U People’ with the late great Ian Dury’s legendary ‘Blockheads’ and has recorded the song with award winning saxophonist Gilad Atzmon.

Over the last 5 years Ben has enjoyed successful tours in Europe, receiving rave reviews and attracting a growing fan base . His band includes amongst the finest musicians in Ireland, his brother in law Michael Black on Drums, Ronnie O’Flynn on bass and Mick McCarney on guitar. With this line up they have built up a loyal underground following. Ben is often described as an ‘artist lying beneath the radar for way too long’.

In 2011 Ben played showcase gigs in Nashville & Memphis (Folk Alliance) where he colloborated with some of Nashville's finest, David Olney & Sergio Webb, co wrote "Heart Just Won't Heal" with Irene Kelley which was a radio hit in several countries with the help which he has been number 1 for the last 4 months on their radio download rock chart.

In February 2013 he toured with Tommy Womack in the UK & Holland and now in Sept 2013 Ben will team up with Tommy once again for some dates for a U.S tour that will take in cities NYC, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Lexington, Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Louisville & Hippie Jacks festival in Crawford TN with more dates to be announced. When he returns to Europe there will be further dates in Holland, Germany, Norway, UK and of course his home country Ireland before Christmas comes around.


Feel Alive

Written By: Ben Reel

Can you feel, Can you feel your heart beatin next to mine, next to mine
Do you believe, do you believe our love will last for all time, for all time

All this pain and suffering makes you feel alive, it makes you feel alive

Can you feel, can you feel our hearts are breaking all the time, all the time
Your never free, your never free until you free your crazy mind, crazy mind

Feel the heat, feel the heat whenever your soul crosses the line, crosses the line
You can’t conceal, you can’t conceal away your sins when you die, when you die

Summers Always Here

Written By: Ben Reel

Summer’s always here when your around
Leaves never fallin to the ground
I hear you whispering in my ear
Have no fear

When the evening sun goes down
And the darkness fills the room
When the twilight shadows fall
And the dogs howl at the moon

Your like the warm summer sun that’s rising
Feel your warm love in my heart
Melting away the cold ice of winter
The storms have passed
There’s a new life on the way

Summer’s always here when your around
Leaves never fallin to the ground
I hear you whispering in my ear
Have you fear

Leave my troubles at the door
Don’t feel like suffering anymore
You seem to calm my troubled mind

I can feel your warm love rising
I’ll lay down where you lay
Melting away my cold heart of winter
Spring has sprung
And there’s a new life on the way

Keep On Drivin

Written By: Ben Reel

Maybe my darkness will drive me to my light
Maybe the day will drive out the night
It takes a long time for a big tree to grow
Just like my spirit, I ain’t gonna push the flow

There’s a lot of road between us
So I’ll keep on drivin, keep on drivin

Maybe my black will turn into white
Maybe your love will light up my life
It will take a while to grow
But that seed has been sown
Just like a pebble into water
The ripples keep on goin

Lets break out of jail and be free
Lets break out of jail and be free
I’ve been stuck in this place for many years I don’t know
Let’s break out of jail and I’ll come runnin home to you

Looking For a Lost Horizon

Written By: Ben Reel

Why do all the pacifists get shot
Without Lennon, King and Gandi
This world will rot
Got to pick up the pieces of great men before
What’s wrong with peace and love and end all war

You spend your life looking for a lost horizon
An idealist vision of a better world
It’s a cruel irony, when you think you,ve got what you wanted
Life hits you a killer punch and takes it away

If you want to make a stand against the powers that be
Like great hero’s before like James Connolly
Who fought for justice and died for it
So his people could be free so never forget

Like a cloud evaporating in the sky
Will our dreams and visions just pass and die
Like a God shaped hole just filled with sand
Just an empty desert, no promised land

Time To Get Real

Written By: Ben Reel

Time, your ahead of your time
You read between the lines, one step ahead of the rest
You lead the way, and I’ll follow your line
You’re just one of a kind, yeh a beautiful mind

Its Time to get real,to get a grip of reality
Time for the truth to be told
For the mystery to unfold,yeh it’s time

Time to break free
Loosen the chains, part the sea
Follow your heart, make the blind see
To see through the lies, and the false prophecy

Are you ready this time, to walk the line
To follow the signs
Don’t look back to the past
You’ve got to live in this time
Just taste the sweet wine
From the best grape of the vine
Just taste the sweet wine

I can see the clouds are clearing
I can see the clear blue skies
I can feel my fear is fading
Blowin away your seeds of doubt
Just cast them out


1999 This Is The Movie
2001 Lost In The Haze
2004 Sweet Victory
2005 U people (single)
2007 New Horizon
2009 Time To Get Real
2011 "10" (1999-2009) Compilation
2013 Darkness And The Light

Set List

I will be performing all originals.
my set is usually 1 hour 30 mins, about 18 songs

Old and Wise
Beautifully Entwined
Rainy Night
Feel Alive
Come out from within
All Souls Alive
Time to get real
Summers always here
Who You Are
raise your glass
Queen of all roses
Waiting For U
Keep On Drivin
Once In a lifetime
This is the movie
Old Bog road