Ben Rich

Ben Rich

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I consider myself a "Homohop" musician. I rap and sing about personal issues, love, humanity, struggles... Music is simple and catchy, and is most of the time family friendly.


My music name is Ben Rich. My real name is Benjamin Richard. I basically just took the first syllable from each name to form my stage name. This is so indicative of my music, because I take what I have been given, and change it around to make it into something else. My music is all about who I am, what I go through, how I feel, etc. It's all personal. People think with the name Rich, I'm trying to be a conventional rapper and make money and other hiphop stereotypes, but I just want to share my stories and my music with others.


Currently working on my First Album "Nothin' Hold Me Down". I have had some airplay on a radio station in Nacogdoches, and much internet play through myspace, soundclick, etc.

Set List

I don't do covers, unless requested to, or unless it's a theme of the night. I do all original songs. Usually perform at open mic nights, so 3 or 4 songs max, but I would love to do a concert that is longer than that.