Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum

Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum


A high-energy trio dedicated to reverb drenched surf/gypsy/Tarantino guitar. Ben, Nikki and Denis present a wild set of rocking original compositions and instrumental classics paying homage to their influences (Shadows, Ventures, Link Wray), but with their own distinctive tough edge.


Think "Hank Marvin on acid". This band began with a casual conversation between Ben and Denis at a jazz gig. A shared history of Shadows' music led to the first rehearsal /recording session. Ben Rogers' Instrumental Asylum began playing covers of '60s surf stuff but quickly morphed into a whole new beast. Ben, Nikki and Denis are musos whose influences and experience cover a range of styles from blues, traditional Brazilian, pub rock and European gypsy jazz. This brings a different dimension to the surf genre loosely describing this act. Melodic ideas evolve when the trio get together and listening later they sometimes wonder "where did that come from?".


"Welcome to the Instrumental Asylum" released February 2006.
"Reverb Rehab" released October 2007
Tracks on website ( include:
Stomping at Steve's (excerpt)
Incident at Docklands (excerpt)
Medina Wedding Blues (excerpt)
Surfing the Synchrotron (excerpt)
Kangaroux (the movie - animation)
The Ballad Of Private Mitchell
Wet Suit Dream (live video)

Tracks also played periodically on:
3RRR (Melbourne Australia)
3PBS (Melbourne Australia)
Regional stations in Australia
88.3 Saint fm (Capitol region, NY, USA)

Set List

Typical gig is 3 hours (3 x 45 minute sets) or festivals (1 x 45minute set). Mix of songs is about 70/30 original to covers.
Original songs include:
Incident at Docklands
Medina Wedding Blues
Elegy for Pluto
Prickly Pear
First Light at the Aussietron
Sandy Feet
Stomping at Steve's
Surfing the Synchrotron
Ballad for Private Mitchell
Wet Suit Dream

Covers include:
Strawberry fields Forever
House of the rising Sun (not the way you're used to!)
Nuages (yes, the Django tune)
Mr P.C. (yes, John Coltrane isn't safe either)
Walk Don't Run