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BR&F play an adventurous, high-energy blend of happy, upbeat acoustic music. Their award winning original songs and fun takes on classic and familiar tunes are guaranteed to entertain family members young and old alike. BR&F EXCEL in situations with all ages in attendance.


Since the release of Emily Songs in 2000, Ben Rudnick and Friends have been playing family friendly music featuring instantly hum-able original songs and fun spins on well-known traditional material.

Boasting a high level of adventurous musicianship, their award winning recordings contain a unique acoustic sound ranging from light folk to bluegrass, calypso, and rock. As Booklist Magazine said in their January 2003 issue, “What comes though is a distinct personality, far from the slick, polished anonymity found on some popular recordings for this age group.”

Their exciting live shows only reinforce that observation. Drawing on the original songs and traditional material from their recordings, Ben Rudnick and Friends seamlessly integrate classic songs such as “Route 66,” “Oh Boy!,” “Jambalaya/Hey Good Looking, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and Beatles’ tunes into their sets. As Buzz McClain of the Washington Post commented “Ben Rudnick refuses to pander by making ‘children’s music,’ with the result being a disc of sophisticated melodies, precise instrumentation and witty lyrics that delight the entire family.”

Since Ben Rudnick and Friends original songs aren’t overtly children’s music, and enthusiastic renditions of well known songs appeal to all, everyone in the audience from the oldest to the youngest become involved in the excitement of the moment. Joy spreads across young faces and years fade from old faces. Performances tend to be “events” and a slice of time where families can relax and enjoy each other’s company. As Betsy Siggins Schmidt of Club Passim said, “Not only did the kids love the show, but the parents (and the grandparents) were singing and dancing as well.”


Chet's Fabulous Diner

Written By: Ben Rudnick

Wild and weary I got a hankerin for something barely alive -
you know, I was mighty hungry
I exit at 20, go west a tad, my destination lay dead ahead, Chet's Fabulous Diner
I open the door of this narrow tin, anticipatin' what I'll be finding within, you know it could be anythin'
Man with a flounder looks over my way, screen door slams, beginning my stay at Chet's Fabulous Diner

At Chet's Diner you will find, food for the hungry mind
If you want, they'll serve it your way
Burgers, steaks and fries, conversation to pass the time
A newspaper dated -- from the other day

No plastic will you find, no playground for a ride
No clown's face where you throw it all away
Just Nance and Bill and Ed, menu above your head
It's all gonna make, for a wonderful stay

At Chet's Fabulous Diner

I walked 12 inches from here to there, grab me a stool, start eyeing the fair, hmm... looks pretty good
Clock on the wall reads 1952, don't bother me, does it bother you?
I ask old Nance to get me some grub she said "Sure fella," began with a shrug at Chet's Fabulous Diner
Found a hook for my coat, counter stool swivels with just a poke

Well my hotdogs came just like their name and my French fries were Ed's claim to fame, that was one good meal, let me tell you
After my feast I paid Ed the cost, he said something about how the Sox had lost and I had to agre it truly was ashame
On my way across the floor, I saw a picture frame hung but the door, looked like president Eisenhower to me
Now a lots been said about I like Ike but this time I think Ike had it right

Because...on that picture, in sun faded ink, written with distinction and flair by a general was...

Copyright (c) 2007 Ben Rudnick

Grace's Bell

Written By: Ben Rudnick

On a clear day, you can see forever
On a clear night, galaxies unfold
Your spirit, if strong, like an eagle soaring can
Take flight, and light up the world

It might start, with the smallest little gesture
A movement overlooked, as people hurry by
Grace's hand is smaller than my smallest little finger,
Grace's bell sits waiting to chime!

RING - RING - RING Grace's Bell will get you singing
RING - RING - RING golden waves upon your ear
RING - RING - RING Let your heart join in the feeling
Grace's Bell is calling and it's loud and clear!

Her hair flies off in all directions
Back straight, has known no weight to hold
Bright eyes challenge you to listen more intently
Grace's thumb holds the hammer and she lets it go!


Stories have passed down with the ages
Wiser men than me have come and gone
But now I can believe, the light that the stories bring could
Shine much brighter if we all would sing!


Copyright (c) 2007 Ben Rudnick

Race Car

Written By: Ben Rudnick

Race Car
Words and Music by Ben Rudnick

Race Car, smokin’ down the track
Race Car, already comin’ back
Can’t wait in a hurry
Gotta get there first,
Race Car, Race Car

Morning breaks, the sky is blue, fans in stands abound
Race tracks’ a big long oval, sunshine pours on down
The buzz around the track says, the race today will tell
The King of all the race cars, the fastest of them all

The racers line up at the pole, engines revving high
Car numbers and team colors, sparkle in the light
At last when all is ready, the flag finally comes down
Roaring just like thunder, the cars begin their rounds


Tires spin, engines blow, or they might just stall
Every driver does their best, to avoid the wall
But every single race car, on every race car track
Has to make a pit stop, when they run out of gas

Pit stop, hurry up, change the tires, fill ‘er up
Pit stop, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!

Afternoon shadows, fall across the track
After all those miles, there’s no turning back
With the pedal to the metal,
The race will soon be won by
The King of all the race cars, the fastest of them all


© 2009 Ben Rudnick


Emily Songs (2000) - Parents’ Choice Approved, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product Award

Fun and Games (2002) - Parents’ Choice Silver Honor,’s Award of Excellence, iParenting Hot Media, Children’s Music Web’s Best Recordings for both Preschoolers and Younger Children

Blast Off! (2004) - Parents’ Choice Recommended, a NAPPA Honors Award and Children’s Music Web’s Best Recordings for both Preschoolers and Younger Children

Live at the Playground WERS 88.9FM (2005)

Grace’s Bell (2007) - Parents’ Choice Award, NAPPA Honors and Independent Music Awards Vox Populi for Best Children's Album.

The Challenger Baseball Song and Other Hits (2007)

A Frog Named Sam - March 2009 - Parents Choice Recommended

BR&F Songs regularly play on family/kids radio stations.

Set List

Our sets last as long as required, typically 45 minutes to 90 minutes. We have plenty of material to play multiple sets.

Our sets feature a combination of our original songs which catch you quick. Plus... the musicianship is very high and the original songs sit along side the classic traditional songs we also play quite well.

Covers we'll play include: Here Comes the Sun, MTA (Charley and the...), Erie Canal, Jambalaya/Hey Good Looking, Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World, Route 66, Supercalifragelisticetc, Hava Nagila, Oh Boy!, I've Just Seen A Face, Monkey and the Engineer and more....