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Just a little about " Bensax "

Richardson Estimable was born on the 19th of May 1986 in St Louis Du Nord. ( Haiti )
At the age of six, he began listening and learning about Music.
A year later his parents finally decided to brought him a little Piano.
He was so happy, and to tell you the truth, this piano was never got a break.
He was all the time at the front of it, pressed keys. learning.
And his friends all time loved to call him " Crazy Music "
They called him like that just because of his love for " Msic "
His dream by that time was to join the fame orchestra group in the town.
Which was always his ambition to be a part of the orchestra.

Each sunday morning Her Mom was like always dressed him up and carried him to church.
And when he gotten into the church, he represented just like a super star. all his actions.
Even his walking way was totally difference between the other childrens who was at the church.
Specially when the church service began oh my God! he acted like he had no place to sat down
Meaning that, as soon as the church Musicians started to play, and the praise team started singing,
And he was like right away stoods on feet. and walked away from Her Mom, and runed directly to where is
The church musicians are used to sitdown playing.

And he was like, dancing, and acted like he was the one playing the instruments.
And all the church members was like looking at Him, Smiling, Laughing,
That's the atmosphere is " Bensax " grew up at.
And at the age 12 years old, he toke lesons by some well known Musicians in the orchestra,
Named : Fanfare Evangelique Baptiste Mistpa ( De St Louis du nord . Haiti )
Where he was became one of the best trumpet player in the history of that orchestra.

His passion grew in listening to instrumental " Music " he really loved that.
He was like had absolutely no problem at all to spent his all day to listened to " Kenny G music.
Meaning that, Kenny G, is the Bensax foundation, that is also his favorite player.
His dream is to play a duet with " Kenny G. someday.
Can you only imagine that " Bensax " at the age of 14 years old right? talking like that.
What is a little bit funy to me in the case is that, " Bensax " at the of 14 years old was only a trumpet player.
You understand? he was just finished with his first trumpet lessons session. and he was like talking about
Playing on stage with " kenny G. is it sounds funy to you? i think it should be, why?
Bensax by that time , didn't even know absolutely how to pressed a saxophone key or keys.
But at the meantime, everyday that he waked up , he was always looking for Kenny G, songs, Kenny G stuff.

So there's what he did!
Sat down himself in his room and reflected over his passion.
And he asked himself, what is first that i have suppose to do?
And he answered himself , okay!
First of all : !) i have to buy a saxophone, and speedly he did that brought an alto sax.
Secondly he says as can i already read, i now need 2) Materials, like , Books. CD's and ect.
3) Know the keys very well.
4) Working on fingers speed.
5) Working also on the high notes.
6) Listening also to difference players, like.
Dave Koz, Kenny G. Charlie Parker. John Coltrane. and mny more
And that was the first step process erea.

And to tell you a little more about the " Bensax " lifes history.
My friend, Bensax is a very ambition young Musician.
He says that his unique goal, his unique dream is to play entirely for the" World "
He is everyday practicing, Bensax at the age of 16th years old some of friends was in his erea,
And they heard the sound of his sax playing, and they said to them, you know what? let's stop by "Bensax"
And finally they stoped by. and when the got inside and one of them says that. do you know that
We was on our way going somewhere and your sweetness blowing way cause us to stop by you?
And " Bensax " says, you guys please sop saying that because i am only practicing a little bit.
And they said back to him, you know what " Ben? listen, we come here just to tell you that
According for us the time is up brother, we are now want you to plan a Instrumental concert as quick as possible.
We will help you to do everythings Ben, dont worry. we will support you on very ways possible.
And what? Bensax says back to them, guys thanks i really appreciate your point of view but am so sorry
Because i am not ready enough for them big kinds of things okay?
And the conversation continued, they said back to him, Bensax sincerely you can make it okay?
And at the end of it, Bensax says , okay friends it's fine, i am agree with you.

And one them asked him okay very good, now how much that would you like to charge for the tickets?
And he says, tickets? okay, i think it's must be ( 0 ) dollards, they what? they was like amase when he says that.
And they said back to him, hold on now Bensax , what do you mean by zero dollards?
Are you meaning that, you