Bens Jazz Kit

Bens Jazz Kit


This IS NOT a Jazz band! Their influences range from that of Groove, such as Tower of Power, Hard-hitting rock like Rage, and HipHop with an element of Jazz just as Tribe Called Quest portrays. Their diverse musical skills bring a new breath of fresh air to the world of music!


Bens Jazz Kit, well…the future of innovative and eclectic, yet still very accessible, energy driven sound! When witnessed,…one could be immediately swallowed by the precise and tasteful execution of such a fresh and cutting-edge style that is rapidly rising to the surface. Once in motion, this music reflects a deep sea of ideas ranging from R&B, drum&bass, choice hip hop, jazz and fusion, while still biting on to the outskirts of Rock N’ Roll. This sound has been coined as “award winning muscle-funk, the best trio until Venus grows a palm tree!”
Ben, Jazz, and Kit come through like a thunderstorm of big, fat beats, low end, groove-heavy melodies, with a seamless blend of unpredictable and intimate spontaneity that will leave you on the edge of your bar stool or “stuck” on your tippie-toes! This demonstration is inspirational and a breath of fresh air, instilling in you, once again…the motivational and life-enticing energy that flourishes within music!


1st LP - Bens Jazz Kit, "Nothing Else Matters", released in June of 2007 under RrraahhH Records, Seattle, WA. Hits such as "Hey Cat", "Fertilizer", "New Bike" are currently on heavy rotation @ KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle. Also, "New Bike", "Starbanger", and other songs off the debut album are currently on rotation @ DJ DIY Faction 28 Sirius Satellite

2nd LP - Bens Jazz Kit "Dizzy Minds" Released July 4th, 2008
-this album was recorded @ London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA. Albums such as "Jar of Flies" and "Dirt" by Alice in Chains, "Ten" by Pearl Jam, the "Singles Soundtrack", Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and many other Platinum plus albums were recorded here.
Engineered and mixed by local great Don DeVore, former owner of Ironwood Studios, who has recorded such artist as Blues Traveler, Death Cab for Cutie and many more!
"Dizzy Minds" was produced by Bens Jazz Kit and Adrian Acosta.

Set List

Our sets have been any where from forty-five minutes to five hours. Whatever the venue or party needs we can provide! We always play original Hits from the Bens Jazz Kit Repertoire which can also include Hip Hop grooves for freestyle MCs and Straight up improvised Jazz. Time is not an issue, we can fill any void!