Ben Smith

Ben Smith

 Denton, Texas, USA

Ben Smith... ordindary name... extraordinary music...
Country/Rock/Singer/Songwriter music, that is...


Ben Smith grew up in a small Texas town, worked on a farm, rode horses, chased cows around, and once even had a very close brush with death when he was pinned underneath a tractor that rolled over in a farming accident. But born with a wonderlust for travel, settling into the country life at home just wasn't on the agenda for Ben, who so far, has lived in California, Colorado, and Tennesee. Steeped in rural life and the American West, no matter how deep you put Ben into the city, there will always be images of green pastures, wide blue skies, and cool rivers ingraved into his personality. And so it goes with his music, which is characterized by a certain down home simplicity, yet also a certain sophistication that grasps the attention of the most urbane music fans. Blend the heart of Country Music with the soul of Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Pop... and maybe throw in a little Rock here and there, and you get Ben Smith.

A late-comer to music, the 6'5" Ben was a student and track athlete at Texas A&M University before he began writing songs and playing guitar, and had graduated with a Forestry degree before his musical style truly solidified.

After school, Ben went to work as a forester in Northern California. Later he began working as an arborist, a profession where he regularly ascended large trees with a chainsaw, and was playing music at the bars as a hobby. But with an ever-growing number of people dumbfounded that such a talented songwriter was not doing more with it, Ben decided to put his music in the front seat, and is proud to be on this difficult but adventurous path.



Written By: Ben Smith

She does all she can, such a lady it seems
She knows she can stand on her own two feet
There’s nothing she needs, oh the only part
What to do with his thing called her lonely heart

Sure she’s a beautiful girl but she’s still frustrated
It’s a little lonely at the top
Sometimes the rules of this world leave her isolated
And late at night she fights to stop
Her tears oh but listen here my dear

I know that love turns it all around
Baby it will be alright
Love won’t give out
Even a lady needs a lullaby

I guess over time something filled her mind
With big girls don’t cry
Now she don’t trust no one else
She wants to like hell
But she just strolls between shelves thinking to herself
In another store, “there’s got to be something more.”
For sure 'Cause

I know a love that turns it all around
Baby it might be alright
Love that won't give out
Oh won't you listen to my lullaby

As the miles roll beneath me please try not to miss me
I hope your days are busy till you fall asleep
Knowing that

Love turns it all around
Baby it'll be alright
Love won't give out
Even a lady needs a lullaby

River Road

Written By: Ben Smith

This crazy world don’t stop spinning round and round
And I know it just wears you down
You try to hide it but I can see it in your face
I’m gonna break your busy plans right here and now
Don’t you fuss don’t you make a sound
Because tonight there’s gonna be a little change in pace
We’re gonna take our time and just leave this world behind
So put your hand in mine

We’ll find us an old dirt road
Skip a few river stones
Swing off of that cypress rope
It’d be a good excuse to lose some clothes
Oh I could just lay you down
With the fire flies all around
Crickets singin’ those summer sounds
Just let it go and we’ll find that river road

When that north wind whispers for the leaves to fall
The air will get crisp and the crows will call
And our clothes will stop sticking to our skin
We won’t miss this heat ‘till some November day
When it’s cold and bleak and the skies are gray
Looking back to now we’ll be glad that we dove in
When we can rediscover each other
Underneath the covers
We can draw the blinds and go back in time to early summer


Oh this world can drive you crazy while we’re trying to win this race
Know I’ll be here for you baby ‘cause I love to put that smile on your face
Yeah come on



Written By: Ben Smith

It’s so backwards from how it really ought to be
The more I push away the more you fall in love with me
And when I want you, you lose a little steam
You know it’s so hard to find good love
But there’s a fire burning hotter than I’ve ever seen
Rising higher than the water between you and me
I’m not fooling with your heart or playing little games
I’ll pull you to me you can go or you can stay but

I want to dance with you
And I love to feel you move the way you do
I love to feel you move the way you do
I want to dance with you

It looks like I’ve got you where I want you now
Your eyes are going back and thinking ‘bout
How our minds and hearts get so turned around
You know it’s easy to lose good love
‘Cause most people don’t appreciate the simple things
Until they’re gone or just a little too out of reach
Don’t want to be the kind to live like that
I want to say we got the best of every moment that we had


Maybe we’ll just end this dance and walk away
Or baby we could take a chance and stay



"Gasoline" 2004 Album
"Sundown" 2006 EP
"Pendulum" 2009 Album

Set List

Sets typically are 45 min, 60 min, 0r 90 min, depending on the nature of the gig. Generally mixing cover and original music.

Cover material may include such music as:

Learning to Fly - Tom Petty
They Call It The Hill Country - Randy Rodgers Band
Crazy Love- Van Morrison
Two- Ryan Adams
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room- John Mayer
Joker- Steve Miller Band
Take Me Out To The Dancehall- Pat Green