Benson Jones

Benson Jones

 Portland, Oregon, USA

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Where do we begin? How about The SHIT WHISTLES. Brad, Tyson, Zach, Jeremy and Mike Woody started a little band now known for small town glory.

A long haired dork named Caleb joined when Jeremy had other things to reflect on (like dropping acid, turning school assemblies into arrestable offences, and falling asleep in his hot tub). So began a 1 or 2 year journey that led to amazing bands (and other types of bands) actually coming to our shit town to play with, and for, us.

This is when things took a dramatic and unexpected turn. After failing at being a sword maker and phone booth installer (both of which turned out to be dying industries), Zach fell back on his trade as a helicopter repairman. Then one day he spilled human blood into the gas tank of a chopper he was working on and over time it began displaying human characteristics like compassion, fear, bogarting nachos, and becoming unbearable to be around while on cocaine. They developed a friendship and one day while out flying, crashed into Jamaica. The rest of that story can be more or less summarized by renting Cool Runnings.

Meanwhile, Tyson read all these crazy as shit magic books and like actually turned invisible for almost 2 years, during which time little is know other than folktales and yore regarding missing pies from windows and missing underwear from underwear drawers. Then he beat the shit out of a tiger at the zoo and was recruited by this underground animal fighting league where he decked a polar bear so hard it exploded. Much of Benson Jones' music is inspired by this singular event.

LOSING BALANCE was formed with Brad, Caleb, Blaine and Mikey P in San Diego - but largely subsidized by selling counterfeit merchandise in the parking lot of Padres games and dressing up as Garfield, Odie, Jon, and Irma outside of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. They toured to many places they themselves are even unaware of, signed rip-off record contracts without reading them, met Total Chaos, bowled next to Tony Hawk, dined in at 7-11, and generally did what Tyson and Zach sort of wished they were doing.

After their long and debaucherous stint in Southern California, the soil was fertile for Blaine and Caleb to head back to their roots in Portland. Tyson and Zach were already there. Partying.

Thus begins BENSON JONES. Rock, rock and more rock.

Up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-select-start is to Contra what power chords are to BENSON JONES. It's just SO much easier and that way you can just kind of fuck around and shoot aliens and shit.

Long live distortion and fuck polar bears! Punch 'em til they explode and then start your own fucking band.


A Tornado on Fire in Space (2008)

The Last Pull Tab (2010)